Fix HTC One M8 Camera Crashing Problem In Portrait Mode

Are you using HTC One M8 ? The latest and best HTC device ever came. HTC One M8 was launched in 2014 Feb along with Samsung Galaxy s5, it was the best device from HTC and gave a handsome amount of profit to the company. Till as more people started using HTC one M8 more complains came along with it. Today i’ll tell you how to fix HTC One M8 Camera Crashing Problem In Portrait Mode. This is not the only issue people are facing HTC One M8 is in metal body so user’s are reporting about heating problems. First lets start to fix camera crashing problem.


Fix HTC One M8 Camera Crashing Problem In Portrait Mode :

Before starting e let me tell you what is causing camera cashing problem in portrait mode. There is a apps which is the main reason of this problem. ( LastPass and Password Manager tool ). Either delete the app or use other camera app or you can keep the app and also use builtin camera.

  1. Open the Last Pass app and login in using your id/pass.
  2. Now you’ll be in Last Pass interface.
  3. Select Preferences.
  4. Now select Edit App Associations.
  5. Select camera from the App Associations.
  6. Now select “do not show fill window”.
  7. This it , All Done !.

Now you can use HTC One M8 camera and hope you’ll not face camera crashing problem in portrait mode. Enjoy !

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