Fix Galaxy S9 or S9 Plus Not registered on network error


In a matter of a few days, the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus will make it to the markets. Samsung enthusiasts will be able to get their phones. The moment you get the phone, you will definitely start experimenting. While trying out new things on your brand new S9/S9+, it’s important to be informed about all the issues it can encounter and also the fixes of those issues.Galaxy S9 or S9 Plus Not registered on network error

For years, Samsung smartphones have been popping up this error saying “Not registered on network”. This error has a long history behind it. It has transpired on every single Samsung device that the company has ever produced. There’s a 100% chance that you will face this issue on your Galaxy S9/S9+ as well.

If you already have the latest S9 or S9 Plus, you are reading this post and you have already faced this issue, then we would like to tell you that there is nothing to worry about. Not registered on network is a very common error. It can come up for a number of reasons. It’s very easy to fix the Not registered on network error on the Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9 Plus.

In this guide, I will take the Galaxy S9 and S9 owners through all the possible fixes of the not registered on network error. You need to keep a little patience while trying to fix Galaxy S9 or S9 Plus that shows not registered on the network. Before we jump up to the fixes, we will have a recap of both the devices.

Galaxy S9/S9 Plus Flashback

The S9 and S9 Plus were unveiled at an exclusive event held by Samsung on February 25, 2018. The phones come with a brand new camera with an adjustable aperture. The Galaxy S9 has a single shooter and the S9 Plus has a dual shooter. The fingerprint scanner has moved below the camera now making it easier for the users to tap it. These phones are equipped with the latest Snapdragon 845 or Exynos 9810 CPU. Galaxy S9 has a 4GB RAM and the S9 Plus has a 6GB RAM. There’s a 3000 mAh battery on S9 and 3500 mAh on S9+. These phones have a 5.8-inch and 6.2-inch WQHD display. Both phones run on Android 8.0 Oreo out of the box.

That was all about the phones. Let’s get back to fixing the not registered on network error now.

Fix Galaxy S9 or S9 Plus Not registered on network error

Method#1: Turn on Flight Mode and then turn it off

  1. Pull down the notification bar on your Galaxy S9 or S9 Plus.
  2. Tap the small plane icon saying “Flight mode”.
  3. Wait for a minute.
  4. Pull down the notification bar again and this time tap the Flight mode button to turn it off.
  5. Check if the error is gone now or not.

Method#2: Pull out the SIM card and put it in again

It is pretty possible that the SIM card got disturbed in your phone and this error is coming up. In order to resolve this, you can simply pull ou the SIM card and insert it back making sure that the SIM card is rightly inserted in your phone.

Method#3: Reset Network Settings

  1. Go to your phone’s Settings.
  2. In Settings > About device > RESET.
  4. It will reset your network connection now.
  5. Reboot your phone once done.
  6. Check if the error is gone or not.

Method#4: Search for correct Network

  1. Go to settings on your phone.
  2. In Settings > Connections > Mobile Networks > Network operators.
  3. In the Network operators, check if the name of your operator is correct or not. If the name isn’t correct, then tap Network operators > Search networks > once it brings the name of your network, select it and reboot your phone.

Method#5: Try SIM card of another network

It isn’t always necessary that there is some issue with your phone. The issue can be with your carrier as well. You can try using the SIM card of another network. If that SIM card works fine, then it means there is some problem with your carrier particularly. In this case, you need to visit your carrier’s nearest service center.

Those were all the possible fixes for the Galaxy S9 or S9 Plus showing not registered on network. If you have anything to add to this guide or if you have any query, feel free to reach out to us using the comment box below. Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus’s stock wallpapers are also available on our site. Don’t forget to give them a try.

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