Fix Fast Charging Not Working On Samsung Galaxy

The best Tips to Fix Fast Charging Not Working On Samsung Galaxy devices or any other devices

Fast Charging was formerly known as Quick Charging and it was introduced way back in 1970’s. Since then it was evolved in better and better states, and now well all know it by many names for e.g: Fast charging, Dash Charging, and more. Samsung was the one who first introduced Fast Charging and after that, many mobile companies have used it.

Now, this is a great feature for those who use their mobile’s device more than an average user. It will take less time and give you more results, So now I think should come back to my topic, since you all know the benefits of Fast Charging. I have seen many people telling on different forums that there Fast Charging is Not Working properly. 

If you are among them then my friends comprehend the instructions below in order to Fix Fast Charging Not Working On Samsung Galaxy. Why only Samsung? Well because Samsung has the most device who supports fast charging :P. Ok Ok, you can try these steps on other devices as well.

Fix Fast Charging Not Working On Samsung Galaxy:

Fix Fast Charging Not Working On Samsung Galaxy

Following are the tips that will help your device to get the charge fast, there is no such process or method to fix if fast charging is not working.

Step1: If your device supports fast charging and somehow it is not doing so then you must check the following things.

  • Enable Fast charging on your device. Settings-> Device Maintenance -> Battery-> Advance Settings-> Turn of Fast Charging.
  • Use the charger that came with the device or a charger that support fast charging.
  • If you want to get the best results then use the original cable came with the box.
  • Do not use any third-party application for fast charging, because if your device does not support fast charging then it’s not possible.

Step2: The best option to enjoy the fast charging is to turn off your device completely, then put it in charge. By doing this your device will charge faster then your device is turned on.

Step3: If you don’t want to turn off your device, then I would suggest putting your device in Airplane mode.

Step4: By any means you don’t want to go with Airplane mode then, turning off WiFi, Bluetooth and Mobile data will do the work.

Step5: To get more out of your battery, I would prefer using Device Maintenance mode. Go to Settings-> Device Maintenance, follow the instruction on screen.

Step6: To increase your battery life you must follow a simple rule, let your battery drain first and then put it on charging.

Step7: Make sure while your device is connected to charger your device screen is turned off.

Step8: Kill all the apps running in the background before you start charging your device.

These are all the Tips that will fix fast charging not working issue on Samsung Galaxy devices or any other.

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