Fantastical 2 for iPad, Best Calender App For iPad

Calender apps are not of much importance for many users, but there are some who use this app in everyday life. They mark the dates according to the events and meetings, whether it is a Birthday, Office Meeting, an upcoming event whatever the case may be, they use it a lot more than any average user. Fantastical was an app for iOS device, released way back in 2012 and rated as the best camera app for iPhone/iPad. The first released took much positive responses from the users but they delay in its second release made everyone think that there will be no upgraded version of Fantastical.


Fantastical 2 has made its way to iPad, filled with a lot of new features. This version is specifically designed for iPad, can you imagine that an app which was once released for all iOS devices made its way to the top within less time now that it is released for only a specific device it can top everything without much more ,effort. The first release of Fantastical showed the world how a Calender app must be and now with a whole new version it is far better than before, opening new gates for all the Calender apps for everyone.

With an updated User Interface for iOS 7, Fantastical brought a lot of new features while some older  features are also remained in it to let users think that they are not using a whole new app. The seamless integration with iOS reminder facility gave it a boost, location based events can ease the problem of finding the place, Week view is there allowing users to monitor the immediate future schedule.


The iPad version of this app has been built on the same image as its cousin, but it looks more stunning on the Bigger screen, like watching a movie on a small screen then suddenly switch to a bigger screen make it more entertaining.When it comes to keeping daily notifications, iPad version makes it easier to view, Change and Edit tasks as you go along.

By the means of Money, Fantastical 2 is not a cheap app but an Apple user should’t worry about money as Fantastical 2 only costs $9.99. Flexibits has proved to be a very loyal to all its users over the past 18-months and has remarkably build the app to its new position, iPad users will not be disappointed. We suggest you to purchase this app as fast as you can, because $9.99 is the discounted price and you save over 5 Bucks.

If you are on the hunt for a Calender app then Fantastical 2 is the best one and if you happen to download it, Make sure to leave your thoughts below in the comment section.


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