How to Enable LED Notifications in Nexus 6

LED notification is used  to notify you when you have received any notification, like messages, missed call, low battery warning or any sort of update. The Notification LED lights are there to inform you all the times, while some devices are shipped without any trace of LED light. One of these devices belongs to both Motorola and Google, Nexus 6 is shipped with a Hidden LED flash-light, not literally, where the Nexus 6 ditched the LED and instead gave the capability to show the notifications on the AMOLED Panel itself. In Past we have seen the same case in Motorola Moto X, but at the XDA portal they were able to find the hidden LED beneath the front speaker and now they have found the LED in Nexus 6 too.

Since the root of Nexus 6 is available, developers are now doing everything to explore the Nexus 6 and because of that, now Nexus 6 users can use the notification LED with the help of an LED light hidden in Front Speaker of Nexus 6. All you need is a rooted Nexus 6 and any Simple app that can control the LED light. Lightflow (Paidapp) was the one used to find this hidden feature, so if you have the money to pay for this app, then do go ahead and try this or if not, the find such app that can be granted root access for LED settings, then and only then you’ll be able to use this feature. Without further ado, let’s continue towards the tutorial of enabling this LED Notification light.

Enable LED Notifications in Nexus 6


  • A Nexus 6.
  • Root Access: Link
  • Lightflow: Link paid | Link Lite

How To Enable LED Notifications in Nexus 6:

  1. Purchase the app or try the Lite version
  2. Open it.
  3. Grant the Root access.
  4. Then go to settings of Lightflow > Notifications settings.
  5. Tap the Mixer option.
  6. Enable it.
  7. Now you’ll see the option to change the colour and Brightness of the LED light
  8. That is it
  9. Now you can use the Notification LED light in Nexus 6

Source: XDA

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