Easily downgrade from iOS 8 beta back to iOS 7


Few days back Apple released iOS 8 beta version to test it out. Many people tried the beta version and very negative response came back from most of the iPhone/iPad user’s and now everybody wants to downgrade from iOS 8 Beta back to iOS 7. Well when it comes to downgrading everybody thinks its a hell of mess but this time there is no such issue. I’ve prepared a guide on how to downgrade from iOS 8 back to iOS 7.


 How To downgrade from iOS 8 beta to iOS 7:

  • First of all turn off your device running iOS 8.
  • Now connect your device with PC/Mac.
  • Hold down the home button until you see on your screen Connect to iTunes.
  • In iTunes you’ll see a iPhone/iPad connected in recovery mode. Click Ok.
  • Now click on Restore iPhone or Restore iPad.
  • After confirming that you want to Restore your device. iTunes will start downloading the latest iOS official firmware. ( iOS 7.1.1 ).
  • This is it your iPhone or iPad will be downgraded on iOS 7.1.1.

Check out whats new in iOS 8:

Just to tell you that you cannot downgraded to iOS 7 or later because currently Apple is only signing iOS 7.1.1. This is the main reason you can easily downgrade from iOS 8 beta to iOS 7.1.1. If you like Jailbreak then think again before installing iOS 8 because we’ve heard news that Apple is patching all the Jailbreak tools.

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