Download WhatsApp v2.11.432 Apk – Updated With Read Receipts and References To VoIP


WhatsApp is the out standing messaging app for every smartphone, this app has alot of features in many ways, But there’s always room for more improvement. Today WhatsApp is adding a new feature which enable users to see that their message has been read by the recipient. You can download WhatsApp v2.11.432 apk directly on your device or you can download it from Google Play Store.


Those who are using iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus they have to wait for WhatsApp to roll out the new update with this new ” message read ” feature, which is currently rolled out for Android.

Lets me tell you what is the new feature well we all know that when we send IM to a recipient, you’ll  see a double gray tick sign beneath our message. That means you message has been delivered, but we don’t know that the person on the other side has read it or not. In this new update when message is delivered and your friend has read it or just glanced at your message those gray ticks will turn blue.

The other feature is VoIP support in WhatsApp and i am sure most of us are waiting for this feature eagerly. Thanks to leak ” The clear evidence, indicate that WhatsApp is busy launching Chime in WhatsApp.Earlier still it was announced that WhatsApp VoIP functionality only in early 2015 will roll out in the application.” [Google Translate].


Download WhatsApp v2.11.432 Apk ( You can download WhatsApp new update from Google Play Store and for iPhone download it from App Store )

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