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We all want and love to relive moments from our pasts, share beautiful and priceless memories. To capture these memories, we often take pictures of special occasions or that specific moment and keep them with us. The social apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and foursquare play a major role in creating our timelines for that matter. But now, we have another app that does the same job pretty well by combining all the memories from different social media’s that you use and put them together under a single roof.

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Timehop is an app that helps you rejoice the past moments again by jumping into the past something, that perhaps a time machine would have done. It will even combine those minor details that your mind skipped telling you about what you did last year at the same time or the year before.

Good news is that the app was previously available for iOS users only but is now available for Android users as well.

When you install and run the app on your phone for the first time, it will not be so difficult understanding how it works. You just need to spend a couple of minutes while it connects through Facebook. You can give it access to your other accounts and gallery later on and go to the settings to adjust them according to you. Easy and Simple!

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The app will show you random clips from past for a specific day in the past years, for example your last day at college, farewell party etc. It will collect photos from Facebook, Instagram, etc. and also from your computer, combine them in the form of a timeline, will also show you what other people said about that occasion.

This will daily provide you with fresh updates so that you can relive those moments again and stay motivated to make better memories for the future.

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The good feature of the app is that you can share these combinations of clips with your friends as well on social media, so that they can have a look at what you had been doing all along. Simply tap on the share option at the bottom of the screen to share.

Timehop is a perfect app which enables you to relive and best experience your past, with sweet and finest memories, that can make your day, even all these feelings are necessary for everyday to boost up your energy. Timehop is a fun app that brings an interesting way of revisiting your past,without the hassle of going through all of your photos and social media pages to find a particular event. The developers have done an excellent job to make a place where the world connects around the past. It requires Android 4.0 or later to run on your device and is available in the Playstore for free download.

Download Timehop apk for Android

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