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Can’t find The Sims Mobile in the Play Store at your end? Download The Sims Mobile APK from here and install it manually. The Sims Mobile APK is linked here and it can be installed by following the instructions given in the tutorial. The Sims Mobile APK is completely safe to install on any Android handset.

Electronic Arts just released their famous title The Sims Mobile. The game was going through extensive testing for almost a year. Just a couple of days ago, the game made it out officially. The Sims Mobile is now running on millions of devices all over the world. This game has a number of goodies to offer which will help this game to become an addiction in your life.

The Sims Mobile is about managing your Sims characters. All the players have several Sims characters in this game. They have to manage the entire life of the characters. Whatever your character is, you have to live its life as if you are living your real life. The characters in this game will grow up. They will choose their career. They will have some achievements in their life. While prospering in their career, they will start building their own house.

The home is something that matters a lot to the Sims. As a player of the game, you have to pick up a designer that can work up to the expectations. There is kind of a competition between the Sims to have the best house in the town. Once you have built a beautiful house, you can start focusing on other aspects of the Sims’ life.

Sims will also get attracted towards other characters. They will eventually fall in love with someone and develop a long-lasting relationship. They will start going to parties, attend weddings and enjoy their life in all the ways they have got. They will have certain hobbies that the players will help them to fulfil.

EA has a reputation in the gaming industry because of its craftsmanship. The Sims Mobile just shows how good EA is at putting up the graphics of its games. The Sims Mobile looks astonishing. The game has also got impressive sound effects. It’s one exciting piece for those who have been looking for a pleasant game.

Head over to The Sims Mobile APK and download it right away.

Download The Sims Mobile APK for Android

The Sims Mobile APK  – Download Link
Copy the downloaded APK file to your phone.
On your phone, go to Settings > Security > Unknown Sources > Tap radio button to allow.
Now using a File Manager, locate and open The Sims Mobile APK.
Proceed with the on-screen instructions to finish The Sims Mobile APK installation.
Once done, launch the game to play it.

The Sims™ Mobile
Price: Free+
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