Download SoundCloud 15.02.02-45 APK [Music Caching]


SoundCloud freaks are well aware of the recent  changes in SoundCloud application. Just in case you have no idea about the changes, let us give you a flashback. The biggest online music hub SoundCloud offers  a variety of features to enhance the music experience of its users. One of the greatest features in SoundCloud’s Android application was music caching, which cached the played songs and users were able to listen those songs even without internet later on. The cache size was changeable, so users only had to play a song once in order to listen to it without internet connectivity later. This feature was widely used by SoundCloud users and was appreciated as well.  In the recent updates, in order to improve SoundCloud for Android, SoundCloud developers took this feature off from the application. SoundCloud doesn’t offer music caching anymore. This means you can’t play your favorite tracks on SoundCloud if you have no internet connectivity.

This feature became pretty handy not only when you have no internet, but it also saved storage on devices as users never had to save the songs on their phone’s internet storage. They were always able to play it from the SoundCloud application. After SoundCloud’s removal of music caching features, many loyal SoundClouders moved to migrated to music services like Spotify and others, but not everyone can switch to these platform as these are paid unlike SoundCloud. If you’re now thinking to migrate from SoundCloud, we may have a reason here to stop you and make you stick to SoundCloud for a while.

Even if SoundCloud has removed the music caching feature, you can still get it back right away. Wondering how? Well, that’s what we are here for at the moment. Basically, you can get the feature back by replacing the latest version of SoundCloud application with the older version which had this option. We have embedded SoundCloud’s APK file, the last version [15.02.02-45] that came with the music caching feature. The procedure may sound a little bit complex right now, but as we move ahead, the method explained below to install SoundCloud music caching apk is going to make it a lot easier for you.

How To Get SoundCloud APK With Music Caching Feature Back On Android

  1. First of all you need to uninstall the current version of SoundCloud application from yourAndroid device. To do so, go to settings.
  2. Now in settings > apps / application manager > all > SoundCloud.
  3. Tap SoundCloud in order to access its settings.
  4. Tap Uninstall in order to completely uninstall SoundCloud’s current latest version from your device.SoundCloud Music Streaming1
  5. Now download SoundCloud 15.02.02-45 apk file.
  6. Copy the downloaded apk file to your phone’s SD card.
  7. Now on your phone, go to settings > security > allow unknown sources.
  8. Now using a file manager, locate the copied SoundCloud apk file and tap it to install it.
  9. Follow on-screen instructions to install the application, once installation is finished open the application.
  10. Go to settings and checkout the music caching feature as they will be back now.soundcloud offline
  11. Play any track online now and then play it offline, it will work flawlessly.
  12. Now open Google Play Store and search for “SoundCloud”.
  13. Open SoundCloud application in Google Play Store and tap the three dots button at the top right corner.
  14. Now turn off “Auto-updates” for SoundCloud. It’s necessary to turn it off in order to make this version of SoundCloud stick in your device. That’s all.

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  1. I cannot connect to soundcloud with this version. My email and password are correct but have an error message about connection problems. But my connection is OK.

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