Download Songs Directly From SoundCloud to iPhone

SoundCloud is one of the biggest Songs database on earth, if we talk about the .Mp3 format. Due to its popularity, almost every huge platform like Android and iOS have their Official apps, however, there was a problem with this SoundCloud app, you can’t download the Songs directly from the App. You can search and listen to any Song on the app, but you can’t download it, I don’t know the reason, lets just assume that they have their stupid policies, not to allow users to download their content, just like Youtube. However, even if it is iOS or iPhone, developers have created some apps that allows them to download Songs directly from Soundcloud app.

There are a lot of different options available, when it comes to download songs from SoundCloud and all of them are 3rd Party apps. They all work quite the same, although made by different developers, the only noticeable difference might be names, otherwise while using them you won’t be able to find any difference at all. While using these apps, you don’t actually need the SoundCloud app. These are more like the alternates of SoundCloud, they may not have a huge database as SoundCloud, but still they are more then enough. We are only going to use the “Free Music Download” as almost all of them are loaded with ads, lots and lots of ads.


Free Music Download:

Free Music Download splits the Songs by Genre, I don’t like this thing at all, they should be separated by names, but who knows, may be developer must have been facing problems. You can get the Top 100 iTunes Songs in the very first list, hence making it easy to download the most popular songs easily.


  1. Download and Install the Free Music Download.
  2. Open the App,
  3. You’ll see the list of songs sorted by Genre.
  4. Tap the Song to Play it.
  5. To download a Song, Search for one.
  6. Once the Search is over, you’ll see a Download section.
  7. Tap the Download button to start the downloading.
  8. If you accidentally played the Song, Just Tap Share and tap Download.
  9. Visit Files Section to see the songs you have downloaded.
  10. Enjoy!
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