Download Latest Official Google ADB and Fastboot Drivers

 Updated: 09/05/2020  Google has been running its Android platform really well over the course of last few years. It has always remained Google’s priority to facilitate its users with all the utilities and tools that the users need every now and then to play with their Android smartphones. The only thing that Google lacked for a while was an independent package of the ADB and Fastboot binaries.Download Latest Official Google ADB and Fastboot Drivers
In order to download and install official ADB and Fastboot drivers, Android users used to download the entire Android SDK tools and then operate the ADB and Fastboot part. This installed the entire Android Studio in the computers.

Now the pain lands in when you look at the size of the Android Studio/Android SDK setup files and also the time it takes to install these tools. To overcome this difficulty, many different developers came up with their version of Android ADB and Fastboot. One such tool is Minimal ADB and Fastboot which literally takes 2 minutes to bring the entire ADB phenomena into your computer. There are many other tools, but you can not trust those tools easily as they do not have the official stamp on them.

Latest Official Google ADB and Fastboot Drivers

Google has finally taken a note of this issue. As mentioned, the independent version of ADB and Fastboot is out. You can download it for Windows, MacOS or Linux OS and start using it straight away. Google has provided the download links, which will likely stick for a while. You can go ahead, pick up the ones against your OS.

To know how you can operate the ADB and Fastboot tools, have a look at this detailed guide. In the guide linked behind, only follow the method to issue commands in ADB command window. You will not be performing any installations at all.

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  1. Followed all procedures. For the command to remove ads I get an error, “Error: Unknown option -u” What is wrong? Thx

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