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Google Gapps are the applications included in the Android operating by Google itself. These apps are necessary for the proper working and functionality of your Android smartphone as these applications include the core applications such as Google Play Store, Google Sync, Google Talk, Google Backup Transport, Gmail, Youtube, Google Search and other similar ones by Google. These applications can be found in almost all of the Android smartphones.


Most of these apps can now be found on the Google Play Store and installed/updated using wifi, but what if you don’t even have the Play Store itself? In the case, the Gapps might become handy. While flashing custom roms you may have noticed that you need to find the latest version of Gapps to flash after flashing the custom rom, so that you may get the Android Market / Play Store and other google services on your custom rom, or you may be a newbie and wondering why do you need to install Gapps after flashing the custom rom, the above description explains you all. Following the need we’ve compiled up all the versions of Gapps that are needed or you may need in the future.

Download Latest Google GApps For Andorid 5.0.X Lollipop [All ROMs]


CyanogenMod Version Android Version HDPI MDPI TINY TEGRA
11.0 4.4
10.2.x 4.3.0
10.1.x 4.2.2
10.0.x 4.1.2
9.0.x 4.0.4
7.1.x to 7.2.x 2.3.7
7.0.x 2.3.3



If your desired link is not attached above, you may find it on the official site HERE.

While downloading the Gapps, please make sure that you have chosen the correct version. Invalid one may result in malfunctioning your device.

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