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Those who are looking for tools to Download Embedded Video from Web sites. This is the place they should visit. Below are the best tools and software which allow users to download Download Embedded Video. Every day we came across different sites on which the content is available in video format. Sometimes we want to download that Video so that we don’t have to visit the same page again and again.

But it’s not that easy to download embedded Video. There are service which will let you download the video if you have the direct URL. But since the video is embedded you cannot have direct URL. In this situation, you’ll find all the services and software which are mention below really helpful.

Now let’s get started and give you the best tools to Download Embedded Video from any Website.

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Download Embedded Video

Download Embedded Video using Browser Extension:

The best and easiest way to download any embedded video from any website is through extension. You can find a lot of extension for Chrome, FireFox, and Opera. But we have brought you the best among them.

Flash Video Downloader:

This Add-on is available on FireFox store, you can easily download it. Once you have downloaded Flash Video Downloader, enable it from the settings. Now reload the page from where you have to download the video, you’ll see a small arrow and when this arrow turns blue that means there is an embedded video which can be downloaded. Click on the Blue Arrow and your video will be downloaded.

Video DownloadHelper:

Video DownloadHelper is also another awesome extension which lets you download the embedded video. It’s available in both FireFox and Chrome store. It works same as Flash Video Downloader, but instead of showing an arrow, Video DownloadHelper shows an icon. When the icon changes its color that means you can download the embedded video.

Download Embedded Video using Online Tools:

Now if you are not a fan of extensions and Add-ons then you must try the following tools. Because these websites have built-in extraction tools. I have tried a lot and then I found following two best among all of them. is a very popular website, which allows you to download video from all the popular social networks and YouTube. All you have to do is grab the URL and paste it into the given filed and let it work. Moreover, if you want to download embedded video, all you have to do is grab the page URL and post it here. Leave the rest to


VideoGrabby maybe not as popular as but more or like it does the same job as does. You have to paste the URL in the given filed and then extractor will notify you if it can download the video. Moreover, you’ll get plenty of options to choose from such as Video Quality, Size, and format.

Select the options and hit on download. Your video will be downloaded depending on your internet speed. Moreover, you can use two sites on your smartphones to download the videos from any website.

Use Screen Recorder to Record Embedded Videos:

I am sure you won’t come to this solution because the two workarounds I provided you before will get the job done for you. But anyhow, there comes a time when you can come to such situations and both of the provided methods are not working for you. Then you can always use Screen Recorder software to record any desired video from the web.

Open Broadcaster Software:

Open Broadcaster Software is among the best of best. If you are into streaming stuff then you are well aware of OBS. The only thing I found not user-friendly for a layman is the configurations. But other than that OBS will do everything for you.

That’s all.

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