Download Battery Doctor Apk


Now-a-days, the biggest issue people are facing with their android phones is the battery consumption and battery drainage. Not all the time it’s possible to carry your phone’s charger wherever you go and at times you are unable to do anything if the battery is drained out some place, where you can not even charge the phone. There are a number of battery saving apps in the PlayStore which can tell you how much battery has been consumed by which app, but that does not prove to be very handy at all times.

Download Battery Doctor Apk

Battery doctor is a very intelligent battery saving app that takes care of our phone’s battery usage keeping it healthy enough throughout.

What makes battery doctor out-stand other battery saving apps is that it not calculates the battery usage by various apps on the phone but also ensures well-timed charging.

How it works?

Firstly, the app is able to increase the battery life by 50%, by figuring out which apps and settings are consuming more battery. This will help you get rid of the apps, if they are not much needed or change the phone’s settings accordingly, to keep it from draining battery power. For example, to reduce the brightness, etc. The app gives you detailed battery usage information.

Secondly, Battery doctor as suggested by the name takes care of your phone’s battery by not letting it die off. It will inform you how much the battery has been consumed, also when and for how long should it be recharged. For example, the app will inform you that the battery needs to be charged for 20 minutes soon or for 30 minutes later on. Well, no other app tells you that.

This feature comes very handy as the app is able to tell you accurately for how long the battery will be able to survive.

Power Saver

The app has a unique 3 stage charging system to get most out of the battery. It keeps from over-charging the battery or over usage. The app will tell you to charge the phone at 20% of battery and will notify you when the 3rd stage of charging system is completed so that you do not over charge the battery.

You can adjust power saving modes during hours of sleep or work. You just need to tell your everyday schedule to the app. You can automatically switch between modes.

Task Killer

The app gives an icon on home screen that is also a shortcut to settings. The widget helps you easily manage your apps and settings like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, etc. to optimize power consumption. The task killer kills the unnecessary apps with one tap.

Although some people do not consider using this app and can go on without it as well. We do prefer it for people with bad charging habits and busy daily schedules, as they should give it a try because it will keep them updated and notified all the time.

The app requires Android 2.1 or later and is available in the Playstore for free download. Also you can download Battery Doctor apk for your Android Smartphones.