Download Android M Applications (Google Play Services, App, Camera)


Lollipop’s successor the all new Android M was shown of by Google yesterday at its I/O developers keynote conference, 2015. Google isn’t working on the OS makeup this time, but is working on the core enhancements instead. Android M promises new app permissions, new intent settings, a new feature (Doze) to enhance battery life, USB Type-C support, Android Pay and a lot more. While this is going to be a whole new iteration of Android, all the applications that are embedded in the OS are going to be enhanced as well. Android M’s developer preview is now available for Google Nexus 5, 6 & 9, so its a good chance for Android freaks to pull out some of the Android M goodies and have a little touch and feel of Android M on their devices right away.

Some of the applications from Android M have already landed. These included new Google Play Services, the Google App itself and Google Camera. To run any Android M application on your device, you will need to install Android M Google Play Services first of all. Going ahead without installing Play Services will not let you run any other Android M application. As these apps are taken from the developer preview, there’s a great chance of bugs in these applications and we do not guarantee there complete functionality. Android-M

We’ve found the download links for the 3 available applications pulled out from Android M. Go ahead, download and install on your device now.

  • Google Play services 7.6.03 (1954927-438)
    • Install as a normal APK
    • To install this on your device, go to settings > application manager > all > Google Play Services > match the last three digits shown below the application title with the build number listed above. It should be 438. If It’s not 438, it is not recommended for you to install this version of Google Play services.
    • If you’ve installed this on your device and you’re facing issues now, you can simply uninstall the update by going to settings > application manager > all > Google Play Services > uninstall updates.
  • Google App
    • Install as a normal APK
  • Camera 2.5.044 (1925238-30)
    • Install as a normal APK


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