Download Sonic the Hedgehog Altered Beast, Phantasy Star II, Comix Zone, Kid Chameleon APK [Sega Forever APKs]

Sega has just revived all good old days from the 90’s. A couple of days ago, Sega announced that it will launch its Sega Forever series bringing the classic titles back for smartphone platforms. Right after the announcement, Sega launched around 5 games on the Android platform. Avid gamers, who have been making the best out of their childhood days while playing Sega games can now enjoy those once again. Sega has launched some very interesting titles in the first go. It launched Sonic the Hedgehog, Altered Beast, Phantasy Star II, Comix Zone and the Kid Chameleon.

All these games are available for absolutely free in the Play Store. Out of these 5 games, Phantasy Star II is a role-playing while all other 4 games belong to the action genre. I have managed to grab the latest APK files of all these Sega Forever games and linked them here. Have a look and download the ones according to your liking.

Altered Beast – Download APK

Altered Beast prompts the players to take a stance against the terrorist organizations. Take the responsibility of freeing up the planet from the evil forces. Your player has been given all unique powers and skills to fight with them. Use your mystical powers against the mighty predators. Altered Beast for Android is exactly as it was for the computers back in the good old days.

Download Altered Beast APK | Download Altered Beast for PC

Sonic the Hedgehog – Download APK

Sonic the Hedgehog may be the most familiar title for most of the users. Dr. Eggman is up once again with all his wicked thoughts and plans for the peaceful world around. Sonic, the Hedgehog will now run fast as the lightning speed to capture Dr.Eggman and teach him a lifetime lesson. 

Download Sonic the Hedgehog APK | Download Sonic the Hedgehog for PC

Phantasy Star II – Download APK

In Phantasy Star II, the aim of players is to become the life savior for the nation. Algo Star System is a peaceful planet where everything’s running smooth. Some mutants have raged at the peaceful Algo Star System. The mutants are trying to destroy everything and take away life from the system. Now it’s the responsibility of the players to team up with different characters to throw away these evil mutants and to take the system back. Phantasy Star II brings a variety of characters to choose from and a number of levels to play.

Download Phantasy Star II APK | Download Phantasy Star II for PC

Comix Zone – Download APK

Comix Zone is one more interesting game in the Sega Forever series. Just as the name suggests, your character in the game is caught up in his own comic book. The world around you came out of your own thoughts and imagination. Players will travel through a fantasy world to battle with the Mutant Queen. The ultimate goal of the game is to survive through the Dead Ship and the Lava Mines. Defeat the monsters all set to kill you. You will face Mortus, who is the most powerful villain in this game.

Download Comix Zone APK | Download Comix Zone for PC

Kid Chameleon – Download APK

Players are given the role of a Kid in this game. This Kid is blessed with mystical powers. The Kid can cast his magic spell to thwart the enemies in the blink of an eye. The world Chameleon in the name of this game has a purpose. This super kid can wear any mask to change his outlook to trap the enemies. Keep an eye on the villain and use your Chameleon capabilities to kill him as soon as he comes out.

Download Kid Chameleon APK | Download Kid Chameleon for PC


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