Create Bootable Windows 8 USB Drive – How To Guide.


The best way to use a Windows Copy for a ling time is to either Purchase the Original CD or create a bootable USB Drive. Well in my thoughts, USB is far better than CD, you can use it for more time than any CD or DVD can survive. Plus a USB Dive is a lot faster than a CD or DVD. But creating a Bootable USB Drive is not an easy task. You have to make sure that whatever you are using to create a Bootable drive should work perfect. Scroll down and learn how to Create a Bootable USB Drive for Windows 8.



Windows 8 ISO Image – Download

4GB USB for 32-bit OS or 8GB for 64-bit OS.

Back-up all your data from the device you are going to use and don’t use it for data transferring again.

WinUSB Maker – Downlaod

 How To Create Bootable Windows 8 USB Drive.

Download and Extract WinUSB Maker,  it won’t need any sort of Installation, all you need is to run .exe file.

Run the Tool with Administrative privileges, Right Click the .exe file and Run as Admin.

In tool Select the Option ISO Image Bootable Disk, Normal Detection Mode. Then Browser for the Image you have downloaded earlier.


Finally Select the USB Drive, if you have only one plugged in, then it will detect it automatically, otherwise choose the one you want to use. Choose Drive MBR System.

Then Click Make it bootable.


Now Sit back and Relax and let the Tool do its magic.


Now Select USB as Primary Bootable device to install Windows via USB.

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