Common Problems With HTC One M8 and Their Solution – How To Guide


OK, so if an Android device is free of all Problems, it is jut not available yet. Some of the problems are related with the Software, which is Android, sometimes the problem relates with the OEM, the manufacturer of the device which can be anyone, since Android is running on more than 82 OEMs. But if that particular device is a Flagship from any OEM, then experiencing such common problems on it is quite teasing, I mean a person spend so much amount on a device and what is doing most of his time is searching for the Solutions of some stupid problems he is facing, like I was stuck on the Null IMEI problem on Galaxy S3, thanks to XDA I somehow got over it, but most people don’t.

And if that device is a beauty like HTC One M8, then facing such problems on it is quite something that can force the user to throw and break the device. Form the release of HTC One M8, we have been hearing users, complaining about a lot of problems they face while using the device. However, not all of the users face such problems, the device is quite great in both looks and Performance, so there are fewer chances that you’ll face such problems. Yet there are those who face these common problems and we are here to give them a proper solution. Let’s go through the Problems and their solutions.


Number 1: Phone Runs Too Slow!

This is not the problem of HTC One M8, but with almost all the Android devices, there are a lot of Reasons behind it, some are because of Bloats, some are because of Custom Mods and Tweaks, sometime a new Installed app does that and sometimes, a user minimize a lot of apps thus filling the RAM making your Phone becoming slow. Here are some Solutions:

  1. Tap the Multi-Tasking Key on HTC One M8, the Glowing Key on the Right.
  2. Close all the Unnecessary apps you don’t want to run.
  • Just Restart the device once in a while to get rid of all the Apps at once

Number 2: LED Light Doesn’t Work Properly!

The LED light is one of the best way to know, whether you have received a message or any sort of other notification. If the device is not showing any sort of LED notification, then there might be a problem, relate to both the Hardware and Software, here are some quick solutions:

  1. Go to Settings > Display & Gesture > Notification Light.
  2. Turn On the Notification Light, if it is turned Off.
  • If the Problem starts occurring after installing an App, Un-install it and try again.
  • Do a Factory Reset, if the case gets more extreme

Number 3: Wi-Fi Keeps Loosing Signals!

Another common problem that everyone faces while owning an Android device, but the solution is quite easy, it is your choice that leads to such problem. Here is what actually happen, and also the solution:

  • Most of the Times users Turn On the Battery Saver mode, which Drops the Signals of Wi-Fi when it is not in used, e.g you are watching a movie and all of a Sudden you see Wi-Fi not working, you’ll immediately think that there is a problem with your device concerning Wi-Fi, just visit the Battery Saver mode and change the settings.
  • Otherwise, if you have any pending update to download or Install, do it, most of the times updates has the Solution to such problem.
  • Restart the router and Check the Mac address and Mac Filter

Number 4: SIM Card Problem!

Usually this problem occurs in Samsung Devices, but if you are experiencing this problem in HTC One M8, here are some solutions:

  • Take out and Re-adjust the SIM.
  • If the SIM is quite thin, put a paper to add thickness, so it won’t get loose.
  • Turn On the Air-plane Mode and then Turn it Off after a couple of Seconds and see if the Problem Solves or not.
  • Check the SIM card in any other device, after that you may want to Replace your SIM card or your HTC One M8

Number 5: Random Crashes!

One HTC Devices, facing Random Crashes is everyday job, but in a limited number, but if your device reboots without any purpose, there is a problem, here are the Solutions:

  • See if the Crashes start after installing a specific app, if Yes! then Un-install the app to get rid of this problem.
  • If the problem gets extreme, perform a Factory Reset

Number 6: Low Call Volume!

Usually I experienced this problem in Sony Devices, however, if you are facing such Problem on this device too, here are some quick solutions:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Call.
  2. See the Hearing Aids and Turn in On
  • Try to Shift the Speakers Position or keep it a little away from your ear.
  • Make Sure to Clean the Speakers

Number 7: No or Slow Screen Rotation!

Heard about this problem on iPhone, never though that HTC One M8 will be having issues with Auto Screen Rotation, Sigh! still here are some solutions:

  • Try the Screen Rotation on the Media Player, if it works fine then the app you were using before is faulty.
  • Restart the device.
  1. Navigate to Settings > Display & Gestures > G-Sensor Calibration. Put your device on Hard Surface and Tap the Calibration.
  2. If nothing Works, Perform a Factory Reset

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