Check Your Browser Benchmark With 4 Free Tools


There are many web browsers now available and the fight between them is still going on, well there is no reason to start such fight but users just don’t want to learn that the browser they are using is slow and not good. Everyone loves their own choice, as some use browsers at a minimum of a one tab, and there are some who use at-least of 10-15 tabs at the same time. However, no matter which browser you are using, it will crash at some point  and then there is Internet Explorer, that browser works perfect until you install any other browser, that is the reason why people start to hate Internet Explorer, otherwise it is a good browser.


Now the problem is still there, which browser to choose, well whatever you are using right now, keep going with it until you either get bored or that browser start to give problems. At that certain point, users start to look for alternate solutions, and don’t understand what to do, or what to choose. The reason why this article is here, so that you can choose the best browser. We will give you 4 of the best and free applications to give you the Benchmark results of the browsers you are using, afterwards the choice is yours. Here we go:

1. PeaceKeeper

As the name suggests, this software is here to make peace among the users, created by Futuremark, creators of  3DMark and PCMark, popular benchmark tools for PC gaming. All you need to do is to visit Peacekeeper site and click the button Test My Borwser. You can benchmark any browser, even one running on your Mobile device.


2. SunSpider

SunSpide is created by the WebKit team, the same team rendering the engine that powers Google Chrome, Apple Safari, and the default browsers in iOS and Android. This site is quite simple and like PeaceKeeper, you won’t see any animations in it. You won’t see any score to judge, instead the time will tell everything, you need to test two browsers at the same time to know the difference.


3. V8 Benchmark Suite

This Benchmark is suited by Google to tune V8, the JavaScript Engine used in Google Chrome. It is way faster than any other benchmark machine, given that it is the best benchmark tool available yet, you can test multiple browsers at the same time, it provide score and bigger score are better.


4. Dromaeo

Now this is the Mozilla Benchmark, it makes some of its own tests as well as taken some from V8 and Sunspider, this takes usually longer than any other tool, sometimes for fifteen minutes. You will see a number of runs during the test and again more is better, there is no way to compare the results on the spot, but you can manually compare them as you visit later.