Check MD5 Sum Of a file On Windows, Mac and Linux – How To Tutorial.


If you are a frequent use of Android and keep installing either Custom or Official ROMs, then you will be familier with MD5 files. Most of the Custom, official ROMs, Mods and Recovery flashable files are encrypted with such codes to keep them secure. It is kind of a password this is used to secure the files inside the Zip file or a Software Package. You will need to check the MD5 Sum of any file before installing it on your device.


There are Two main reasons if the MD5 hash value of the file that you have downloaded does not match with the real one.

  1. The file that you have downloaded has not been downloaded completely.
  2. Someone else might have tried to edit the file without proper authorization.

The MD5 checksum or hash value of a file might look like these:

  • 25912deacc5d55528e223ec7b99705cc
  • 220c41f3b03f42190899db8cb081b5c6
  • a578d837343fe2542ecf405a630d46a0
  • 8223ec1c2aa71503b431a0daabb23154

You will need to verify the MD5 file, cause if you tried ti flash a corrupted Md5 file on your device, it might lead to the a Brick Tablet or Phone. So, if you want to install an MD5 file on your device, you will first need to check it. There are many MD5 hash checker available on the WEB, but most of them are not working. We will provide you the link of Official Software that will help you in checking of MD5 Hash value.

Check MD5 Value On Windows.check-md5-sum

  1. First Download the Latest Version of WinMD5Free from here…. Official Link
  2. Extract the zip file and open the WinMD5Free.exe file.
  3. Once the software is open, Browse where you have downloaded the MD5 File and select it.
  4. Just as you select the MD5 file, it will show you the MD5 checksum.
  5. Now Copy and Paste the Original hash value provided by the developer.
  6. Click On Verify.
  7. The tool will give you the Matched Result.

Check MD5 Value On Mac.

If you are a Mac user and want to check the MD5 hash value Follow these steps. You will need to have the original Hash Value in order to check it.

  1. First Download the HashTab program on your Computer. Download Link
  2. After downloading, install the Program. Now you are ready to Check the Value of MD5 file.
  3. Navigate to the Downloaded file and Right click on it.
  4. Now Click on Properties, in the properties window you will see a new Tab called “File Hashes”.
  5. Doing this will generate the Hash Value, now check if the Original Value and the generated value is same , then the MD5 file you have downloaded is non-corrupted and secure to use.

Check MD5 Value On Linux.

  1. Open a Terminal Window.
  2. Now Type in the following Command: md5sum [type file name with extension here] [path of the file]
  3. Hit Enter Key .Bingo!.
  4. You will see the MD5 Sum of the File, match it against the Original value and get the Answer.