How to check Activation Lock Status before buying used iPhone or iPad

When Apple released iOS 7 they added a cool feature Find My iPhone Activation Lock , this feature basically add a protection on your iPhone or iPad by using your Apple id. Whenever your device is stolen you can use this feature to lock your device so nobody can use your device. Find My iPhone Activation Lock helped so many people, but also people scammed and sold lock iPhones and iPad. If you are planning to buy a used iPhone or iPad, one thing you should check before purchasing Activation Lock Status. If Find My iPhone Activation Lock is turned off then it ok to purchase but if its turned on then  no need to waste your money. In the following guide I’ll explain how to check Activation Lock Status before buying used iPhone or iPad. 

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How to check Activation Lock Status before buying used iPhone or iPad:

  • First you need IMEI or Serial Number of iPhone or iPad.
  • Now open this link on your computer.


  • Now enter the IMEI or Serial Number of the device.
  • Read the code and enter carefully and click on continue.
  • After clicking on continue you get a message ” Activation Lock is on ” as shown in the following picture tell seller to erase the Apple id.


  • If the owner of the iPhone is there with you ask him to enter Apple id credentials to remove the Apple id.
  • By any means the pervious owner is not there then you have to turn off Activation Lock remotely.
  • After turning off Activation Lock you see the following message Activation Lock is ‘Off’ then device is ready to use.



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