Change Text Size in iPhone/iPad running iOS 8

We have presented the same article to change the Text size in iOS 7, although Apple users don’t do much of the search themselves, the reason why we are here and also the reason why Apple is earning so much is because of these users. In iOS 7, you need to get a little in depth to make text size larger, Apple has given a little more convenience to the users and brought it out for more ease. Although most of the steps are same as in iOS 7, but still there are some steps minimized in it. The effect will be applied on the whole OS, not in just some particular apps.

The reason to change Text could be any among the thousands, I love large text because, you don’t have to pay much attention, because of some Visual impairments too, sometimes, the Font size of an app can make it a little teasing too. Like in iOS 7, in iOS 8 you can also change Text size via two different ways and we will provide both of them to you.

Change Text Size in iPhoneiPad running iOS 8

Change Text Size in iOS 8:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Navigate to Display & Brightness.
  3. Now you’ll see Two options, Text Size and Bold Text.
  4. Now Tap the Text and Drag the Slider to see changes.
  5. Drag to the Right makes the text smaller,and to the left makes it larger.
  6. Now if you Tap the Bold Text, you’ll see the Message prompting to the Restart Device.
  7. Restart the device to see the Whole System Text Bold.
  8. Enjoy.

Change Text into Dynamic Type in iOS 8:

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Tap General.
  3. Navigate to Accessibility.
  4. Tap Larger Text.
  5. Drag the Slider of Larger Accessibility Size
  6. Now Drag the Text slider to see the Changes
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