Burn ISO Images To USB Flash Drive With ISO To USB Portable.


Nowadays, ISO images are one of the most important files, Same Like.Zip or .Rar but easily mountable and can be used in a virtual CD/DVD ROM. ISO images are used to create Boot-able Disk Drives like CD/DVD or USB or even an External Hard Drive. The best way to preserve ISO images is to either copy them on USB drive or Burn Them on USB Drive. But not all the Burning tools support USB, they support CD/DVD, but not USB.

So, Today we are giving you a Tutorial based on How to Burn ISO images on a Portable USB Using ISO to USB. ISO to USB also allows you to create Windows bootable USB disc with BOOTMGR and NTLDR boot mode including WinXP, Win7 PE, and WinXP PE bootable ISO image files. Just load your ISO OS images and click on the Burn button.

How To Burn ISO Images Using ISO To USB


  1. Download ISO To USB and Run isotousb.exe to Launch the program.
  2. Insert USB drive and Wait for it to be detected.
  3. Now Click Browse and locate the ISO Image you want to burn. If it is a Windows ISO image then Tick Bootable.
  4. Now Click Burn to Start the Process , once the Process is finish, Try USB to see if it is working or not.

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