Bring Essential Information To LockScreen In iOS 7 With LockInfo7


There is one thing that I don’t like is, the unlocking process of phone every time I need to see something very important and when it comes to lock screen improvement’s tweaks and mods, there are not much that do anything as they promised. Even when we talk about Apple there aren’t much tweaks either, on the other hand Android is something different but we are not talking about Android here. In the Jailbreak Section, you’ll find Convergence and IntelliScreenX, both promise to offer functionality to Lock-Screen, but still not enough.

However, as the demands increase, developers have  made something that can enhance the functionality of a Lock-Screen. LockInfo7 by David Ashman does the job, that expands the functionality of Lock-Screen in various ways. So, before we get to the installation and configuring process, let’s read a little bit about the Tweak itself.



The Tweak Merges the Notification Center with Lock-Screen to display Notification, Events, Reminders and almost everything that you want to see in the drop down Menu. It combines the Widgets and Notifications into one Menu which is easy to Scroll, thus eliminating the Today tab that is usually found in Notification Center. You can dismiss the Notification by Swiping to the right, and if you swipe to the left, you will be directed to the app responsible for the Notification.

In the Settings, you will find many ways to configure the app, you can remove the Slide to lock option and also the Clock on screen. The settings of Notification Center are bundled up within the app itself, you can edit it from there. So, without any further explanation and leaving things to you, let’s see how we can install it.


Jailbreak your iOS Device.

Since the following tutorial needs an iOS device which is Jailbroken, you need to Jailbreak your device. If your device is still in its normal condition. Follow our Jailbreak Section to find out how to Jailbreak your device.

Download LockInfo7:

  1. Open Cydia.
  2. Search for LockInfo7.
  3. Tap LockInfo7once the search is over.
  4. Tap Install on the top right corner.
  5. Tap Confirm.
  6. Restart your Device.
  7. The trail is only for 14 days then you need to pay a sum of $4.99 to continue using it.
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