Best Tips To Improve Battery Life On Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge

Samsung did a great job with the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. This might be the very first time in the last 2 or 3 years that Samsung users finally saw something new, very different which cheered them up. The Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge have a premium build, a cool design and some top-notch features. Samsung has improved the devices greatly, but it did compromise some of its features that always won it a lot of respect. Samsung has loaded these devices with tons of features, but the battery isn’t good enough to keep everything running for a long time. Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge have a 2550 and 2600 mAh battery respectively, which is not enough for power users or game freaks at all. Many users have disliked the devices, specifically the Galaxy S6 Edge because of a poor battery life, and many have already changed the devices as well.

If you own a Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge and you’re having a poor battery life, and you also don’t want to change the device because of the mesmerising features on these two, you may want to sort out the issues by applying some changes or tweaks to the device.

We have discovered some tips, which are proved to be improving the battery life of the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge to a very good extent. Some of the tips are for root users, but if you haven’t rooted your device some of these will work for you as well. Let’s go through those and improve battery life on your new Samsung Galaxy.

1. Use a static wallpaper – disable live wallpaper if enabled     

Some people like to use a live wallpaper on their devices. A live wallpaper has animations and higher graphics, which put some load on your device’s battery and result in consuming it. A live wallpaper also slows the device a little bit down, so avoid using a live wallpaper on your S6 or S6 Edge.

Instead of using a live wallpaper, use a static wallpaper. There are million of cool wallpapers to choose from. Another tip for saving the battery a little bit more is to use a black wallpaper. Samsung uses Super AMOLED displays on its phones, which are much battery friendly when used with a black wallpaper. A bright or light wallpaper has to produce more brightness from the screen, which results in consuming more battery, while a black wallpaper doesn’t produce that much of brightness and saves the battery life.batch_11542566_10206215739485083_1587278263_o

2. Uninstall Un-necessary apps

On Android, there’s a number of processes running in the background all the time. At times you aren’t even aware of the background process and the applications which are making these processes run. It is always recommended to uninstall un-necessary apps which you never use or you don’t need on your phone. Any suspicious process that are eating up your battery might be in run because of one of the applications that you don’t use. So keeping such apps out of the phone is one option to improve the battery life.

You can also find out which apps are eating more battery by simply accessing battery stats in settings application.batch_11638594_10206215740085098_1519265805_o

3. Use Auto Brightness

This is one of the key features. Using Auto-brightness puts your device at ease. It automatically adjusts your screen’s battery according to the light in the background and thus results in improving the battery life by producing the required brightness only.

If you’re using a specific brightness, then you should turn on Auto-brightness and let your phone do the job.


4. Disable Animations

Most of the users do not have an idea about Animations. These animations appear when you’re opening or switching between apps, scaling or transitioning. You can get rid of animations by turning them off. Turning off animations will help your device’s battery up to a very good extent for sure.

To turn off Animations, you need to enable developer options first of all. To do so, go to settings > about device > tap build number for 7 times to enable developer options. Once enabled, open developer options and do this.

  • Window Animation Scale > Animation is off
  • Transition Animation Scale > Animation is off
  • Animator Duration Scale > Animation is off



5. Disable Edge Screen on S6 Edge

Galaxy S6 Edge’s edges make it one of its-own-kind device. S6 Edge has become one of the most desirable devices in just a few months. S6 Edge owners have been complaining about a poor battery life. The edge screen makes the device look beautiful, but it really is not an everyday-use feature and most of the S6 Edge owners do not bother about the beautiful edges on their phone. If you own this device and you don’t use its edges, its time to turn the edges off.

Turning of edge screen will significantly improve your battery life. To turn it off, simply go to settings > Edge screen > turn off Edge lightning, People Edge and Notifications.batch_11639817_10206215739725089_1990503084_o

6.Use Power Saving Mode when possible

Power saving mode saves up to 10% of your battery life. Once you’ve enabled it, Power Saving mode disables all un-necessary and battery eating features. This includes lowering down the brightness, limiting the CPU performance, turning off touch key light, disabling vibration and some background processes.

To enable power saving mode, go to settings > Power saving mode > turn on.batch_11294411_10206215739845092_1941322739_o

7. Use original data cable and original charger to charge

Whenever your’e going to charge your S6 or S6 Edge, make sure that you use original or a high quality data cable and an original charger to charge it. Using an after market data cable won’t charge your phone as good as compared the original one, which will also result in consuming the battery faster.

8. Use Greenify to freeze apps (Root users & now non-root users as well)

If you’re a root user, you can install Greenify from Google Play Store and hibernate or freeze the applications you don’t use. Greenify is much useful when you’ve a plethora of applications installed, and you need to use some applications occasionally. Greenify has eased the lives of a number of power users. ku-xlarge1

9. Disable 4G/3G/Edge when not needed – Use WiFi if possible

4G/3G both have faster data rates which results in consuming the battery much more faster. If you don’t need 4G/3G or Edge all the time, do not keep these activated. Always turn off 4G or 3G when you’re done using it.

If you’ve WiFi access, it is recommended to use it instead of 4G/3G/Edge. WiFi won’t consume your battery as much as that of the cellular services.

10. Turn on Airplane/Flight Mode in low signal mode

This is one interesting fact. Whenever you enter a low signal zone, your device’s radio stresses up more to catch the signals which has a straight-away effect on your phone’s battery. To get rid of the battery drainage here, turn on Flight Mode when you’re in a low signal zone and turn it off as soon as you’re in a high signal zone.batch_11542547_10206215738605061_2015736208_o

That’s all. If you have anything to add to the above post, make sure that you reach us out through the comment box below. Also, let us know if these tips have helped your device’s battery or not. Thank you all.

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