Best Apex Legends 4K Wallpapers


The universe of Titanfall is now turned into a Battle Royale arena. With the overwhelming growth of Battle Royale genre, it is not surprise that Apex Legends got so popular, so fast. It is one of the most appealing titles in modern times. Ranging from amazing visuals to great gameplay and cool features, it has got it all. Moreover, it takes place in Titanfall universe. Therefore, the fans of that franchise are already fond of it.

Unlike most BR games, Apex Legends starts with only 60 players. Moreover, nobody can land solo. All players land in teams of 3. Therefore, there is no solo or duo mode in this game. The deep integration of team-play in Apex Legends makes it way more fun and a unique experience. Since so many people are loving this game, it is inevitable to want to have Apex Legends wallpapers too. Below is a collection of best and cool Apex Legends 4K wallpapers. Most of these are inn 4K 16:9 ratio. However, some of these may be designed for stretches resolutions. People will all kinds of hardware can enjoy it.

In order to download any wallpaper, click on any image to view it in full size. Then right-click on it and click on “Save image as”.

Apex Legends World Map 4K Wallpapers

The world of Apex is designed to look like a futuristic and apocalyptic land in one. There are technology centers, mountains, terrains, ziplines, natural covers and much more. Moreover, you get to see dinosaurs in far off the map. It is a mix of cool visuals and a great compliment to overall gameplay. Since it does not have building like Fortnite, the map is designed to be more focused on shooting tactics. Also use the surroundings to your advantage with each characters special powers.

Apex Legends Characters 4K Wallpaper

The most popular and badass looking character on Apex is Wraith. This is probably the most popular opinion. However, it does not mean that any character is more OP than other. They way their abilities are set up, anyone who learns the correct way to use them, can be a champion. We love the fact the how much attention to detail there is. Download the Wraith 4K Wallpapers below along with others. This includes the likes of fan favorite Bloodhound, Pathfinder, Mirage, Caustic, Lifeline, Bangalore and Gibraltar.

Apex Legends Logo and Art 4K Wallpapers

This section is for those who are looking for minimal wallpapers of Apex legends. Following art is mainly inspired by the logo. These work best with minimal desktop setups.

Bonus: Apex Legends UHD Wallpapers

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