Best 10 Minute Mail Alternatives


10 Minute Mail is the most popular temporary email service. This service is useful for the users who want to avoid spam in their main email inbox. 10 Minute Mail is a great solution to avoid all those useless emails taking all the spaces in your mail inbox. For example, you are signing up on a website/blog temporarily, but you don’t want that website to come after you on your main email address, you can quickly generate a temporary email address via 10 Minute Mail. 10 Minute Mail itself is a very much complete tool, however, it may start acting up at times. In the aforementioned case, you need the best possible alternatives to Minute Mail. I have collected the best Minute Mail Alternatives and listed them here. Temporary email users can take a look on this list to get the 10 Minute Mail alternative.


Best Minute Mail Alternatives

Before taking a look at the alternatives, it is important to know what criteria I have used to pick up these Minute Mail rivals. I have checked the status of all these websites and listed them here according to the amount of traffic these websites receive. The alternative listed at the top gets the highest amount of visitors among all other alternatives and then the list goes on in ascending order. The higher number of users on a website simply means that the website is being trusted by a large audience, so I believe that this is the best possible criteria. Furthermore. I have personally gone through the UI of each and every single webpage which has also remained a factor in making this list.



After 10 Minute Mail, Temp-mail is the most popular disposable email service. The website comes with a very easy-to-understand UI. The moment you open Temp-mail, you will find your temporary email address at the top. Below the email address, you have the mailbox showing the sent or received emails. On the left side, you will find options such as copy, refresh, change, and delete. Clicking on change will let you make a new email address. You can make your desired email address but you will have to use the domains provided by Temp-mail only.

Another great feature of Temp-mail is the Google Chrome extension. If you don’t feel like opening the website every now and then, you can get their Chrome extension and quickly grab a temporary email address every single time you need one.



In the list of Minute Mail Alternatives, we have Mailnator as well. Mailnator is another great service, however, it works slightly different. Mailnator is a public email service. All the emails sent to Mailnator are in the public domain. When you open this site, you simply find a form asking you to enter your desired email address. You can type in any ID and generate your free disposable email address. Mailnator is one good way to prevent spam in your main email inbox. If you wish to get private accounts for your team or your company, you can take a look at the paid services by Mailnator as they have the team and enterprise packages as well.



Fake Mail Generator is yet another free disposable email service. It is a fine 10 Minute Mail Alternative. As you open the site, you find your free email address on the front and there is the inbox button on the top-left corner of the screen. Fake Mail Generator gives you the option to generate any email address of your choice as well. There isn’t much else about the fakemailgenerator. One thing to note here is that Fakemailgenerator doesn’t have its SSL certificate, so use this site at your own risk.



Just like Fakemailgenerator, Guerrilla Mail does not have an active SSL as well so use it with a little bit of caution. Guerrilla Mail has got a little bit of confusing UI. The UI is too much cluttered. You get your free email address right in the center of the screen on the website. You can create a scrambled email address as well. The normal email address is readable, easy to use, while the scrambled email address is way too complex. Guerrillamail has its own Android application as well.


Generator Email is the service that I personally liked and there are a few reasons for that. This actually looks like the most authentic email service. Its not a 10 Minute Mail service, the temporary email address stays active for as long as the temporary domain given on Generator Email is active. You can even add your own email address to Generator Email in order to avoid the loss of access to your mail inbox. Generator Email comes with sound and pop-up notifications. It has the ability to provide you level 1 and level 2 domains for emails.



Emailfake is much like the Generator Email. Your temporary email address is going to be active for the number of days the domain is active for. The uptime of each and every domain is given below the list of domains. There are 10s of domains that you can create your temporary email address with. If you want to use the domain of your choice, you will have to set up the DNS using the Emailfake nameservers. Overall, Emailfake is quite a good service to avoid spam, to sign up for temporary sites, or to even share with the site/blogs/companies whom you don’t want to come after you.




Temp Mail Address, in my personal opinion, is one great service. The reason? You have the ability to chose the expiry date of your email address here. You can set the expiry time of your temporary email address to 10 minutes, 60 minutes, 1 day, 3 days, 1 week, or 2 weeks. It provides you with your temporary email address right when you open this website. When you try changing the expiry time, your email address does not change. It simply extends the expiry time so you do not have to worry about losing this temporary email. I could not find the option of changing the domain on this site.



Want no complexity, no confusion, no options, no nothing? Maildrop is your choice. This is a simple and straightforward temporary email service. Open this site, grab your fake email address and use it. Maildrop uses its own domain to give you the temporary email addresses. It does not have a list of third-party domains. I am not sure about the expiry time on Maildrop. I could not find the expiry time on this site. I believe that your email address is going to stay active for as long as Maildrop is going to exist.



The Minuteinbox looks like a real alternative to 10 Minute Mail. It gives you your temporary email after you open the site. Your email then stays active for the time you want to keep it active. This site gives you the option to extend the expiry time as well. It is totally up to you whether you want to use the temporary email for 10 minutes, 10 hours, or 10 days.



Crazymailing is another cool service. It comes with its own Chrome extension as well. This service allows users to create 10 Minute temporary emails for free. Users can register and extend the expiry time up to 30 minutes. Registration is free and you can use Facebook or Google account to login. Crazymailing’s UI is very simple. It shows you the disposable email address and the inbox right up on the home page.



Just as the name suggests, this is a 20 Minute Mail service. You can create an email address and use it free for 20 minutes. The accounts can be attached to a recovery key so if you wish to recover an expired account, later on, you can use the recovery key to bring it back. 20 Minute Mail website does not have its own SSL so you have to be a little bit careful while using this website.


GetNada is the second last service on our list. This is a handy service. You can add multiple email inboxes on GetNada simultaneously. GetNada has 10s of domains that you can create your temporary email address with. GetNalsollso has its own Google Chrome extension.




Of all the Minute Mail alternatives that I have mentioned above, Dispostable is the least complex. It just has your temporary email address on the front. There is absolutely nothing else on their website which is why I am putting it here. For the users who do not even want to read any additional text, Dispostable is their go-to place.


That’s all with the list of best alternatives to Minute Mail. I have listed all the websites according to their rank and their UI. You just have to be careful with those without an SSL certificate. Remaining sites are completely safe and secure to use. If you have any other nice website to add to this list of Minute Mail Alternatives, feel free to drop it in the comments section below. Don’t forger to drop your feedback below as well. Stay connected 🙂

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