Bandai Namco Soft Launched Tekken Mobile for Android and iOS


If there is one game that I would love to play again and again all the time, that is Tekken. The game, probably linked with your childhood, has been getting upgraded over the course of past few years. Tekken has become a marvelous game now. The game is more popular among the X-Box and Play Station users. There is a PC version of Tekken available for the enthusiasts as well. The only platform that didn’t taste the action offered by Tekken yet was the Android and iOS.

In a developing move today, Bandai Namco, the Japan based game studio has launched Tekken on the Android and iOS platform. Tekken has made its way to the Canadian region now. The game offers very same game-play and graphics that you have recently seen in the latest variant of Tekken. It also brings all your favorite characters including King, Paul, Lee, and others. Tekken’s storymode is also there in the mobile version of this game. The game comes with an online multiplayer mode in which you can challenge your real friends to smash their character to death. Learn all the new combos and try to kill your enemy in just one go. This is all what this brand new Tekken for mobile offers.

We are not certain when Tekken will make its way to the other regions of the world. If you cannot wait for it to appear in the Play Store at your end, then you can get the APK file of Tekken and install it on your phone manually. Stay connected with us for more updates on Tekken.