Apple’s UK flagship store gets raided by 10 robbers

Certainly not the first time that this has happened, but an Apple flagship store based in the United Kingdom was raided by a group of robbers who made their way with a lot of valuable products designed by the company.

Apple’s UK flagship store gets raided by 10 robbers

According to the Evening Standard, there were a total of 10 moped robbers that managed to snatch items that were worth over thousands of pounds and included mobile devices and iPads.

“Ten thugs on five mopeds launched a mass raid on the Apple store in Regent Street early today snatching thousands of pounds worth of laptops and iPads.

The gang struck in the early hours driving a high powered scooter through the glass front doors of the store before storming inside.

Two security guards tried to intervene but there were threatened with hammers by the gang who were inside the premises for less than three minutes.

Police said they were first called at 12.42 am to reports of a robbery in Regent Street.”

The report also states that there were two iPhone X models that were taken, but were later recovered at Kings Cross. Raids at Apple retail outlets have become a common sight. With the company having released its $999-priced iPhone X, some robbers can plan a sophisticated heist to seize several of these expensive phones in an attempt to resell them at crazy-high prices.

Since there has been a scarcity of iPhone X units due to the production problems with the device’s hardware, these units are currently in short quantities. The supply is expected to meet demand during the start of 2018, which is why these raids have been taking place.

It offers a ‘get rich quick’ scheme for such people, and when supply and demand numbers are stable they will have to move onto a different way of securing a higher number of funds.


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