APK’s From Android 4.4 Grab Them..!


The email.apk. This is not Gmail Duh..! This is the stock Android apk. The interface has been given a full update to make it look very, very similar to the updated Gmail. You’ll get the same white Holo interface, the same icon and action bar, and the same slide-out menu, plus the swipe gestures for refreshing and deleting mail. Unfortunately the core functionality hasn’t changed that much – you’re still limited to the basic POP/IMAP/Exchange setups, with the same nearly universal settings and options.


Grab it here


Hangouts 2.0 With Support For SMS, Animated GIFs, Location Sharing, Moods, And Statuses . The updated version 2.0 comes with SMS support as well as location sharing, the ability to display animated GIF files, as well as the previously discovered in a teardown statuses and moods

nexusae0_110_thumb nexusae0_hangouts_thumb2

Grab it here

APK Download: Android 4.4 Clock/Alarm/Timer/Stopwatch App

The updated clock pulls the alarms out of the clock Activity into its own tab, which means the tab count changed from three to four. In KitKat, Google got rid of the ugly bold, increased the font ever-so-slightly, and made a subtle tweak to the timer icon.

The Alarms screen has been revamped quite a bit as well. First of all, because the Alarms Activity is now part of the swipable tab UI.

Thanks to Android Police for the Screenshot.

Grab it here.

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