Animal Crossing Pocket Camp List Of All Collectable Items

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp has a huge list of collectable items. These collectable items include fruits, fish, bugs, shells and many other items. These collectable items are the ones that the animals around will need. Animals will request you for the food they want to eat or whatever else they need to fulfil their appetite at that moment. You will go to different islands to find the particular food for the animals. Upon completing the request of the villagers, you will get their primary resource. That’s how this whole game works. 

You can grab all the collectable items and put them in your inventory. The collectable items refresh in every 3 hours. The more items you have in your inventory, the less you will have to travel around to complete the requests of the villagers. You can even sell these collectables to earn money in the game. The earned money can be used to buy new items in the game.

To take a better start with the game, it’s important to understand what collectable items are there, for how much you can sell them and in what season those items are available. Keeping that in mind, we have made this guide where you can find a list of all collectable items of the Animal Crossing Pocket Camp.

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp List Of All Collectable Items

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Bugs

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Fruits

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Shells

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Ocean Fish

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp River Fish

That’s all with this list for now. Here are a few more guides that you may find helpful:

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