Android Oreo 8.1 has resulted in breaking the multi-touch functionality on some devices


Multi-touch is a rather useful addition to an Android smartphone or tablet and lots of users would be eager to update those devices to the latest operating system. Unfortunately, the unpleasant surprise that would hit their phones and tablets afterward is something that they would not appreciate at all.

Android Oreo 8.1 has resulted in breaking the multi-touch functionality on some devices

Android Oreo 8.1 is making users experience a break in the multi-touch functionality. If you touch the screen with multiple fingers, it causes the image on the display of some units to shake and jump. If you’re engaged in playing games or if you are performing the ever-popular pinch-to-zoom function, we can understand how irritating it can get.

There is a video posted at the bottom so that you are better informed on the problem.

A detailed description of the problem has also been posted below and if you did not appreciate Google’s efforts before, perhaps you will now. The company has already looked into this problem and is working on a fix to address it soon.

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“I had this issue in Android 8.1.0 DP1, so I reverted back to 8.0.0 and the issue was gone, but wanted to update that the issue is still present in DP2 so maybe others will test and get Google’s attention to fix the problem. I know this is still a developer preview, but I am afraid that the issue is going to make its way into the stable release in December if Google does not acknowledge it. My device is a Google Pixel 2 (non-XL).

When two or more fingers are placed on the screen for an extended period of time the touch input from one finger will become erratic at times, jumping to different parts of the display while you are moving it (or sometimes if left static as well). I play first person shooter games commonly and this issues is extremely annoying when trying to aim. For example, in landscape mode, I’ll press one thumb on each side of the screen and hold, then begin to move my right thumb. The movement that the touch indicator shows is not smooth, it will jump from the location I am touching, sometimes as far as an inch away from my actual thumb press and then back, repeatedly.

If anyone has the time to test I highly encourage you let Google know of the problem by going to Settings > System > About Phone > Send feedback about this device, also you can star the issue I already created in the Android issue tracker. Links are below for anybody able to test. Again, this issue is isolated to 8.1.0 and not present in 8.0.0 at all. I have downgraded to test multiple times. A factory reset in 8.1.0 did not fix the issue either, no apps installed, using only the show touches option in developer options. Thanks for reading.”

Issue tracker:

Video (most noticeable after 35 second mark):…?usp=drive_web

Game video (11 second mark, after 33 second mark):…?usp=drive_web

Multi-touch tester app used:…ios.screentest

Is your device suffering from multi-touch problems too?