Android Kit-Kat Battery, Signals in iOS 7 – How To

Getting iOS looks and apps on Android is an easy thing to do but hearing to get an Android thing on iOS is something that is rare to see. Android Kit-Kat brought nothing new when it is compared in, looks with previous versions, but it is a little smoother than any previous version of Android. Despite that user can enjoy the best things from their own side of OS, yet they want to try things from other Platforms on their device, even if it is not much to change the style or the UI.


Grpahics are such things that can be transfer from one platform to another without effort but on deviantArt a user named theBassment has start from the scratch to reproduce Kit-Kat graphics for iOS, in a whole new way to make it suitable for iOS. Apple made some of the tweaks for iOS 7 to make it look more charming, smooth and especially the Cleaner design of iOS 7 makes it unique.

Still it is not perfect and as mentioned above that users want to use apps and tweaks of other platforms on their device, but you cannot use all of their features, only some of them and maybe not even the important ones. Now if you want to try Android Kit-Kat Batery Icon and Signals Style on iOS 7, not much of a difference it will make, still it is something that is not usually seen on an iOS device.


Of course, you will need a Jailbroken device, if you want to toy around with the elements of Status bar as you might have guessed WinterBoard is necessary to install it, but it will look better with a Dark theme, so better grab yourself a dark theme and then try this tweak on your iOS 7 device and also you will need a Free theming app installed on your device. You can download Android Kit-Kat Battrey and Signals bar as a .zip file from theBassment’s deviantART page.

Once Downlaoded you need to extract it and place the files into your /private/var/stash/Themes directory using any app, as iFiles and then go to WinterBoard and select it.


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