Alleged iPhone 6 New Concept With 5-inch Screen

iPhone 6 is on the way, well not right now, but most likely in September we will see iPhone 6, or if Apple decides to change its name to The New iPhone or iPhone 5S-II, nonetheless, we will see another iPhone from Apple later this year. Where Samsung is gearing up to release the Note 4 just before the release of iPhone 6 as we get to see every year. In Past we have seen many different designs of iPhone before its release, some of them were very unique and suited the Apple status as they must release a device like it. However, Apple adopting its previous release, released a larger iPhone thinking to be unique while there was no different except the size which as a little larger than before.


Many sites are engaged in releasing the designs of the upcoming iPhone, yet it is not possible that Apple will follow any of them. In past we witnessed many designs as well as we are doing right now, so we thought why not we also participate in this war and give the world a new sign of iPhone design, with much bigger screen and different shape. You people might not find them very interesting, but if we get to see anything like them from Apple, the world will sure to be a Peaceful place.

But then again, releasing Phablets is so not the job of Apple, as Stever jobs was strictly against the 7-inch tablets and also large phones, however we get to see iPad Mini,a 7-inch tablet, who knows they might release a bigger screen iPhone in near future. Till then Stay tuned with us as we keep bringing all the news about iPhone 6.

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