Adobe Flash Player APK for Android – Download Here


To pave a way for HTML5, Adobe pulled off Flash Player from Google Play Store, a bad news for those who always like to surf the sites with flash content, Unfortunately, HTML5 does not work with all the sites and you need to have Flash player instead of that. As of now, there is no Flash Player available in the Play Store and you can’t have it on your smartphone with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean from the Play Store, but the good thing is that you can still have Flash Player on your Jelly Bean supported smartphone by installing using an application package file.


To overcome the need of Flash Player, we have the APK file right here for you, follow the instructions to get it installed.

How to Install Adobe Flash Player on Android

      1. Download Adobe Flash Player APK from HERE.
      2. Download it directly to your phone, or download on your PC and place on your phone’s sd card.
      3. Open the apk file on your phone using any file manager.
      4. If it prompts for the installer, choose package installer, also if it asks you for permissions then tick unknown sources and proceed.
      5. Complete the installation process.
      6. Pheww..! You’ve successfully installed Adobe Flash Player on your phone, you may browse the Flash supported websites smoothly now.

Please keep in mind that Google Chrome browser on Android does not support Flash Player. You may use Stock Browser of your device or download any flash support ed browser from the Google Play Store to browse the websites with flash content.

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