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Isn’t it quite annoying that some websites are available to only selected geographical locations? Have you ever wondered why you can’t access a specific video or a specific website on the Internet? This is all due to restrictions in geographical servers. For example, Zedge, the most popular space for obtaining free goodies for your devices, is not accessible to many countries. In order to break these restrictions put up for several reasons, you’d need to literally travel to another country, and access it from over there. But with the present technology in mind, it would be pretty dumb to do that. This is where VPN servers come in. VPN stands for a Virtual Private Network, and does absolutely that.

A VPN allows you to surf through the geographical restricted websites/videos or almost everything by creating a virtual or fake network for you. While you needn’t get all those technical terms, you’d love if your Android device could now get applications which aren’t available in your region, right? Well, amongst all of the VPN Severs, it is hard to decide which is the safest and the most reliable. Worry not, for we’ve got an app review of the best VPN server application for Android – RocketVPN.Rocket-VPN-SC_1-576x1024

RocketVPN – App Review

With RocketVPN installed on your Android device, you can keep your content to yourself while surfing anonymously around the web! RocketVPN sees to it that nothing ever catches hold of your real geographical location, and puts a barrier across you and the information-hungry websites. In my time of usage, I personally used RocketVPN to unlock geographical inaccessible websites (Zedge was my go-to), and also download some applications which aren’t available in my country. Rocket-VPN-SC_2-576x1024

At the end of the day, RocketVPN avoids your from being monitored by third parties for the utmost in speed, security and privacy. Not only that, but RocketVPN also allows you to have 500 MB of free data every 30 days for you to easily and safely surf throughout the web. We have enumerated the reasons as to why you’d be using RocketVPN as follows:

  • RocketVPN allows you Access to content not available in your country (for example, Youtube videos or applications).
  • RocketVPN helps you keep your data encrypted, increase your security and privacy with a single tap.
  • Rocket VPN doesn’t share your connection with other users as other VPN applications do.


I’ve been astonished with my time of testing this application. Hats off to that amazing developer behind this application. I highly recommend you follow the link provided below and install this application on your Android device right away.

Download RocketVPN For Android

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