A New Jailbreak Tweak Will Be Able to Enable 3D Touch on Older Versions


As said earlier, most developers have been left to a surprise as well as panic upon the sudden and unannounced release of iOS 9.0.2 jailbreak. The developers did not get much time to update the tweaks and apps in time to make them work with the new jailbreak, Pangu 9.

As people wait for their favrite tweaks and apps to get updated to be compatible with the latest jailbreak for iOS 9 and iOS 9, we come across a teaser from one developer for a new tweak that will be able to enable 3D menu for older iPhone versions.

A developer from team Cydia, Spookyninja (George), announced in one of his recent tweets that he has been successful in getting 3D menu pop for the older versions of iPhone including iPhone 6. Spookyninja also shared screenshots of the 3D menu for Camera and Mail.

managed to get the 3d touch menu popping up. just need to add a gesture recognizer to make it pop up – Spookyninja (George)


George also told that he has teamed up with other developers to work on this project to make it available for public.

So it’s @evilgoldfish01, @GreenyDev and I somehow working on this project

For the developer to work on such a new tweak will be exciting for many of you out there, especially the users of older versions of iPhone. By getting the images of the tweak, we now know that it will take too long for the tweak to arrive at Cydia. For updates regarding the new tweak, stay tuned with us.

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