YouTube Vanced Premium APK for Android [ Premium APK ]


Use the following links and you can download YouTube Vanced Premium APK for free. I will also tell you the method to install YouTube Vanced Premium APK on your Android devices.

YouTube Vanced Premium APK

What is YouTube Vanced Premium?

YouTube Vanced is a YouTube Modded App, which makes this popular video site available for streaming and has some additional features. When downloading the video, it is important to note that these additional features are not included.

The interesting thing about YouTube Vanced is that you can listen to the video later even if you turn off your smartphone. Then you can listen to simple music or listen to podcasts at any time using YouTube.

Another great feature of YouTube Vanced is the ability to block all ads on your videos. Yes, I can’t update and complete this option at any time, but it works by default.

YouTube Vanced is another YouTube client that allows you to play videos in the background, block ads, use solutions, and even use the “Play Video” option. This all comes from similar interactions with the original user.

Basically, YouTube Vanced Premium provides you all the features YouTube Premium. Such as exclusive content, extra features, and more. But Unfortunately, YouTube Vanced Premium is not available on Google Play to download. That’s is why in this post, I am providing you with the YouTube Vanced Premium APK.

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That also means you cannot add a Gmail account in YouTube Vanced Premium, because you cannot use the original Google Service Framework. But that is not an issue, there is an app called microG. All you have to do is install it and microG will allow you to add a Gmail account in YouTube Vanced Premium.

YouTube Premium Vanced Features:

There are tons of worth mentioning features in YouTube Premium Vanced but I cannot tell all of them. However, I have shed some light on the main features of YT Vanced.

  1. Get free of a wide range of Ads on YouTube. No Pre-move advertisements, No Mid-Roll Ads nor any pennant Ads. Start viewing the videos directly after the second you click on the app. This excellent element is accessible on YT Vanced.

  2. If you love tuning in to YouTube as Music App yet dread of battery channel than no concerns. YouTube Vanced can play out of sight as a music player and you will likewise get a notification status with choices like play pause and next button to snappy toggle.

  3. It has HDR Force Mode and the YT Vacned app will force HDR Mode. HDR means “High Dynamic Range” and it can improve the video quality and you can observer noteworthy outcomes over HDR show. Not all phones support HDR in the YouTube app, however, Vanced can compel it.

  4. Phones with bigger angle proportions permit you to pinch-zoom the video to assume control over the whole showcase of the screen. However, this element is just restricted to phones having bigger screen shows yet with Vanced you can pinch-zoom the YT video on any cell phone.

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  1. PiP Mode permits the video play to take a little window space of the screen and you can play out some other action parallelly. It is one of the most approached highlights for the YouTube app and is at long last accessible on youtube premium.

  2. You may have used swipe gestures on MX Video Player. A comparative component is accessible for YouTube Vanced. You get swipe controls for volume and brilliance making it simple to alter your observing needs while you’re highly involved with viewing a video, particularly if the video is full screen.

  3. Choose a favored video resolution and playback speed and it will naturally recollect your decision for each video.

  4. You can easily cast your screen while using YouTube Premium Vanced. This permits you to toggle the Google Cast symbol. You can compel it to be off regardless of whether you have casting devices close by.

  5. You can use Max Resolution: This component permits you to watch videos in resolutions that would typically be crippled on your device. An element that could make your review experience significantly more pleasurable.

  6. You can use YouTube Vanced Premium alongside the stock YT App. The app can work alongside the first YT app from the Play Store. You don’t have to uninstall the first app to use YouTube Premium Vanced.

YouTube Vanced Premium APK for Android:

  1. YouTube Premium V.14.21.54 – Download link.
  2. Copy the downloaded APK to your phone.
  3. On your phone, go to Settings > Security or Lock Screen & Security > Unknown Source > Allow.
  4. Using a File Manager, locate the copied YouTube Premium V.14.21.54 APK and tap it to start the installation.
  5. After completing the installation, open the YouTube Vanced Premium application from the app drawer.

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