YouTube rolls mobile live streaming for all, 10K subscribers no longer required


Good news for YouTubers as YouTube is rolling the mobile live streaming for all. YouTube back in February introduced the mobile live streaming feature. This was partly in a bid to update their app and compete with Live mobile video features that Facebook and Instagram offer. The Facebook Live and Instagram Live video streaming features is quite popular among people and brands to increase engagement.

YouTube did offer the live video streaming option, but not through the mobile and tablets. In the update rolled out last month this feature was only available to people who had more than 10,000 people on their channel. Now this is no longer a requirement, everyone regardless of their subscriber size.

To see if this feature has rolled out to your YouTube channel or not,go to the home screen on your app. There along with the regular record option now you will get the Go Live feature too. Tap it and start streaming. The update is being rolled out to both Android and iOS users.