Top Best Free YouTube Alternative Sites: 2018


Best Free YouTube Alternative Sites. We all agree to one thing that YouTube has become the most popular and preferred site to watch videos online. It has become the best place where we can get all of our favorite videos that we can easily watch online free of cost.

Not just a place to watch videos online but it is also a support for many an inspiration to all. It has provided a platform for all who want to share their talent and work online and provided them with a living. However, YouTube also has some limitations and for a few things, people want to know what other alternatives like YouTube that they can try are.

YouTube Alternative

Best Free YouTube Alternative Sites: 2018

Here is a list of the Best Free YouTube Alternative Sites that are equally best for sharing videos and watching online video for free.

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Whenever we name the best sites to watch videos online for free, Dailymotion is a name everyone recognizes. It is as good as YouTube and sometimes even better. It includes all videos that you can browse easily as well as stay updated with the latest and trending videos. Dailymotion supports 1080p resolution and lets users upload file sizes up to 4GB.


Vimeo is another good Alternative to YouTube with comparatively higher video quality standards. The best thing about Vimeo is that it supports high-quality videos and brings forward lesser known and less popular artists and bands forward to showcase their talent with the world.

Its interface is simple and does not include useless comments and other similar things that ruin the experience of online video streaming. You can upload a video of file sizes up to 500MB as a free user whereas the premium users can increase the upload limit to 5GB.


Metacafe has been around for quite some time, even before YouTube existed. It was the preferred platform to watch and upload video content. Metacafe basically focuses on as short as 90 seconds video clips. The interface is minimal, neat and user-friendly. It has over 40 million active users enjoying to-the-point short video clips.

The Internet Archive:

The Internet Archive is a vast platform where you can explore a huge library of videos as well as books, articles, software, and music. It is a great alternative to YouTube and Dailymotion for the reason that it includes full-length movies and a library of digital videos and movies.


Last but not least, Veoh is a great alternative to YouTube that supports any length of video size. The interface is neat and clean and also includes social features to let users from their social networks; add friends, comments, and likes.

This was the list of the Best Free YouTube Alternatives Sites that you can use when you no longer want to use YouTube; it cannot be accessed or does not support the video size or type you want to upload

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