Xposed GEL Settings Allows You To Customize Google Experience Launcher

Nexus 5, in my opinion, the best Android Smartphone of 2013 and till the released of next Nexus device it will remain the best. But there are certain things that are stealing the glory from it. Number one is the Lack of Custom ROMs, its not that there are not much for it, but since Android 4.4.2 is the only supported OS for it and there aren’t much devices that are running Android 4.4.2, ROMs of other device are not available for it along with many features that are exclusively for them. And we all know that there is no such thing as customization in Stock Versions of Android.


Speaking of Stock Firmwares, Google Experience Launcher, GEL, despite my Favorite has not much things into it. Usually Users rely on 3rd Party Launchers to Customize App Drawer and Stuff. Most users don’t like the Google Search Bar on Top and there is no way you can remove it. Along with that the Stock Launcher has no option to remove or hide less use apps and that Google Now page that pop-ups if you swipe from left to right while on Home-Screen and not to mention those big size icons in App drawer are really ugly.

Well I installed a Custom ROM to get rid of these icons and stuff, but is still miss a lot of things from the Stock ROM and now I don’t want to install it again. Well I lost it and I don’t want anyone else to go through the same, this is why I am Sharing with you a pretty awesome app called Xposed GEL Settings. It allows you to do those things with your GEL that you can with a 3rd party launcher, like hiding icons for example.


Features of Xposed GEL Settings

  1. Remove Google Search bar from home screen
  2. Automatically show on Google Now page
  3. Hide selected apps from the app drawer
  4. Define the app grid size including rows and columns on home screen and app drawer
  5. Hide icon labels on home screen and app drawer
  6. Set icon size
  7. Set icon label size
  8. Set icon count on the app dock
  9. Apply settings by restarting launcher (no need to reboot phone)
  10. Backup and restore launcher settings

To use Xposed GEL Settings you need to install Xposed Framework on your device, Follow:

Xposed Framework, A Unique Way To Customize Your Android Device

How To Install Xposed GEL Settings On your Device.

  1. Open Xposed Module.
  2. Search for Xposed GEL Settings. (Xposed GEL Settings Apk)
  3. Download It and then Activate it.
  4. Restart your device to take effects.
  5. After the Reboot, Open Xposed GEL Settings to start Customizing.
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