Xfinity Stream for PC – Windows and Mac


Xfinity Stream is a TV Streaming application from Comcast. This application allows its users to watch live TV on demand anywhere on any device in any part of the world. Apart from bringing the live TV channels and TV shows to the users, Xfinity Stream comes with a number of other features such as recording your favorite shows or sharing your favorite content with your friends. 

Xfinity Stream has over 200 different TV channels. These channels can be accessed using your WiFi connection or your cellular data. It works flawlessly in the U.S. Xfinity Stream is packed with thousands of TV shows. There are tens of thousands of movies that you can request using the On Demand feature. A huge number of TV shows and movies is available for online viewing as well.

Xfinity Stream application brings some extra features for the X1 and Instant TV Cloud DVR customers. These customers can watch the offline shows and also record shows for later viewing at any time. The downloaded and saved shows/movies can be watched without any internet connection. The X1 shows and movies are synced with the Xfinity Stream application.

Xfinity Stream application is built to kill your boredom. This application has got all the features that you need to entertain yourself. Xfinity Stream application comes for free, however, you do need the subscription to access the content given in this application. Xfinity Stream needs a very good internet connection to run on. If you wish to run Xfinity Stream on your computer, that is possible as well. You can download and install the Android version of Xfinity Stream on your computer. Follow the steps given below run Xfinity Stream for PC.

Xfinity Stream for PC

Xfinity Stream users can download Xfinity Stream for PC via BlueStacks 4 on Windows and BlueStacks on Mac. Windows users can install the BlueStacks 4 and Mac users can install the old version of BlueStacks to install Xfinity Stream for PC.

After installing BlueStacks, the users have to set it up using their Google Account. Once the Google Account has been added, they need to launch the Google Play Store in the BlueStacks and find the “Xfinity Stream” application. As soon as Xfinity shows up in the search results, install it. The installed application will appear under the “All Apps” tab in the BlueStacks. Launch the Xfinity Stream application and log in using your Xfinity subscription. You will now be able to access tens of thousands of shows, movies, and hundreds of TV channels. That’s all.

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