Windows 8 Style Taskbar For Android


Microsoft’s Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 might not be much appreciated the users but both these products have a great UI. It is efficient, user friendly and looks awesome. But there is a number of things that pulls Windows 8  or Windows Phone 8 down when it comes to a comparison between such operating systems and Android. It is only the open source nature of Android that has broadened the sphere of development and the users can always do anything according to their liking on their device. This may be modification of hardware or software. Although Windows 8 is totally a separate thing but how about grabbing some of it’s alike features to an Android device?

Well, a while ago I posted about the Windows 8 Launcher, using which you can change the UI of your Android device to that of a Windows Phone, but how about making it a completely Windows thing while keeping Android on the core? What we’ve here for you is the Windows 8 Style Taskbar. A Taskbar that works exactly as on a Windows PC. You can press the start button, it will pop up with the list of all the applications installed on your phone and on side it will show you the basic options with the user picture on the top.

Taskbar – Windows 8 Style is a free application available in the Google Play Store. As mentioned above the app comes up with multiple features that make your phone’s look even more good and will definitely leave others in thought what’s actually running on your phone. One of the advantages of this app is, you can launch any apps quickly on the go. You don’t have to go to the app drawer and search for it. Simply press the start button and navigate through. Besides all these features, Taskbar 8 has a folder options as well where you can create your custom folders. The app is completely customizable, contains themes and all the modification options are there to give you the complete control over this app. A must have app if you’re looking to make your phone unique. Here are some screenshots from my phone:

Taskbar8 (1)

  Taskbar8 (5)

Taskbar8 (3)Taskbar8 (4) 

You can get Windows 8 Style Task Bar here. Let us know how it works for you 🙂 Enjoy!

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