What is Bixby? All you need to know about Samsung’s upcoming AI assistant

One of the most talked about features that will debut with Samsung’s upcoming flagship, Galaxy S8 is Bixby. Wondering what Bixby is? Bixby is a voice based AI assistant that Samsung will be launching with Galaxy S8.

When Samsung acquired Viv Labs last year, it was speculated that Samsung will start working on a AI assistant as Viv Labs had produced Siri, the voice based AI used in iPhone. This was not a surprising move, given that Google had also entered the field with Google Assistant which was introduced with the Pixel smartphones.

Looking at Google Assistant success and consumers wish of having something like Siri in their smartphones too, Samsung decided to go ahead and work on their AI assistant Bixby. The name along with its functionality got confirmed when the company filed a trademark. Interestingly, this int’t the first time Samsung has tinkered around with a voice based assistant. Samsung a few years back introduced S-Voice, a voice based assistant but it was very limited in its functionality as compared to Siri at that time. The company didn’t work on making changes to the platform. The rate at which technology is changing it is imperative that features or apps are updated regularly, this is where Samsung stumbled with S-Voice.

With Bixby, Samsung is working on equipping it with features which makes it stand out. Apart from just answering questions, the app will be integrated with the native apps which will help the users with different tasks. One such example is using Bixby to make payments on Samsung Mini Pay, this aspect was confirmed when details about the payment platform leaked with Bixby as one of he options for processing the payment. As of yet this is not confirmed how that would work out, would you say Bixby, make payment to David using the MasterCard?

Bixby will also have its own dedicated button in Galaxy S8, which shows how prominent this features will be. Pressing that button will immediately fire up Bixby for any task. In the different renders seen to date, there is an additional button on the right side of the device for that purpose. As discussed earlier that Samsung plans to make it both unique and powerful AI assistant, one of features that it will have is of text recognition and visual search using the camera of the device. The software will be integrated with the app in such a way that it will help users search different things.

To make the feature even more accessible to a wider consumer base, Bixby will be able to provide support in up to 8 languages. This will definitely wok things out in Samsung’s favor as Google Assistant only provides support in English, Brazilian, German, Portuguese and Hindi languages. Samsung will work on including Chinese and Koran languages. As Samsung in the future plans to push Bixby to their other devices and products to create a whole eco-system of smart products this will be innovative development on their part.

All in all, to date the different features that we have heard about along with Samsung’s future plan for Bixby do sound great. The only problem with this picture is a report that came out last week that claimed that Bixby will not be based on technology provided by Viv Labs instead it will be based on S-Voice. Well, one would think if an updated and better technology was at hand, why didn’t the company made use of it. The tech provided by Viv Labs is far advanced than the basic S-Voice technology and basing the new AI assistant on that logically does not make sense. Especially at a time when you want to prove to the industry that your devices are both safe and have top of the line features.

Samsung Galaxy S8 will be unveiled next month and then will get to know more about Bixby and the additional features it has. To beat the competition, Bixby has to give users something different than what other brands are offering like HTC Sense Companion, HTC’s AI assistant that learns and tailors itself according to users preferences. So, do you think Bixby will be a successful feature that will push users to get Galaxy S8?


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