Watch Styler APK: Change the Face of your Galaxy Gear

Watch Styler is an amazing app available in the Samsung App Store that helps you to change the Face of your Samsung Galaxy Gear. By default, Samsung Galaxy Gear comes with a few clocks that you can select from Gear Manager. You may not find a way to change your Gears Wallpaper/Face apparently but you should not worry anymore as Watch Styler is already there.

Yesterday I came across this app and enjoyed making different screens for my Galaxy Gear and found it really awesome, the app let’s you create custom faces using your own images, lets you place the timer, date, battery and bluetooth icons at a random place on the screen. By default it packs up a few backgrounds that you may use to create faces for your Gear, but as said you can also use custom images from your phone’s gallery. Moreover you can also change the color scheme / effects of the screen.

In the following post we are going to have a look on how to install and use this app. Bare with us for a while, let’s go through the tutorial:

    • Download and Install Watch Styler on your phone [Galaxy Note 3, Note 2, S4 or S3]. Get the APK file here.
    • Open the app from the App Drawer.
    • Tap the “+” button on screen.
    • Using the first option select background for your Gear’s screen. You can select from the backgrounds loaded by the app, or you can select a custom background from your phone’s gallery.
    • Option 2 will let you add effects to the background photo that you just selected.
    • In the 3rd option you can select the icons/widgets that you want to put on your Gear’s screen. These icons can be placed anywhere on the screen.
    • After you’re done creating a custom face, save it.
    • Open Gear Manager now and tap “Clocks”.
    • Under Clocks tap “Watch Styler”
    • In Watch Styler select the face that you just created a while ago.
    • Your Gear’s screen will be changed now.
    • Phewww! That’s all. Now have fun creating different faces.
    • Screenshot_2014-01-11-12-46-05
       Screenshot_2014-01-11-12-46-09 Screenshot_2014-01-11-12-46-16 Screenshot_2014-01-11-12-46-22 Screenshot_2014-01-11-12-46-29Screenshot_2014-01-11-12-34-43Screenshot_2014-01-11-12-35-11 Screenshot_2014-01-11-12-35-29  Screenshot_2014-01-11-12-36-29 Screenshot_2014-01-11-12-37-07Screenshot_2014-01-11-12-38-56 Screenshot_2014-01-11-12-38-09    Screenshot_2014-01-11-12-39-26 Screenshot_2014-01-11-12-39-32 Screenshot_2014-01-11-12-36-25Screenshot_2014-01-11-12-39-50 Screenshot_2014-01-11-12-39-57 Screenshot_2014-01-11-12-40-08

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That’s All. We hope that you find this tutorial helpful. In case you got any queries or face any difficulties regarding this post, please feel free to stop by the comment box below and drop us your message. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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