Best Free VPN Apps for Chinese Android Phones


China hosts one of the strongest Internet censorship and firewalls in the entire world. Therefore, if using apps and services like Facebook, Skype, WhatsApp, Instagram, GMail and even Google in China is blocked. Whether someone is visiting China or staying there, they need VPN to access blocked sites and apps. This guide lists the best free VPN apps for Android Phones in China.

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best free vpns for chinese android phones

Why do we need VPN in China?!!

Ever heard of “The Great Firewall (GFW)”. This is the China’s solution to controlling all sorts of traffic that goes through their network. This is why, their government is banning all websites and apps that do not share data. These include the likes of Google, Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype and Instagram to name a few.

For anyone who lives outside this country is pretty much dependent on these services. The reason is simply that these are most widely used and work the best. Take Google for example. It has undoubtedly the best search engine in world. However, people cannot use it in China.

Due to this and many other blocked sites and apps, people have to use VPN Apps on Chinese Android Phones.

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How to choose a VPN for China

Since the GFW is implemented, Chinese Govt is taking steps to make sure that they block third-party VPN services. The main reason for this is that, they want corporations and users to use their own services and apps instead. And control the traffic too of course. Therefore, GFW keeps banning and blocking international VPN apps and networks.

When choosing a service for China, make sure that this certain VPN app can bypass China’s Firewall (The Great Firewall). Otherwise, it would be waste of time and effort.

Another thing to note is that use a service with highest uptime. This is also important because the govt is continuously blocking networks and these companies keep finding workarounds. Since it is inevitable that these services will get blocked now and then, use a VPN service that can adjust to new changes in China’s great firewall as quickly as possible.

Lastly, the connection speed of VPN in China is very important. While, a lot of VPNs can work but only few can provide good speeds. Since the traffic is routed from different servers all over the world, the drop in speed in inevitable. However, the connection speed and latency are important if someone wants to use Netflix in China for example. This applies to services like Skype too that require high-speed internet connection for smooth video calling.

Important tips to use VPN in Chinese Android Devices

Services like Google, Facebook and Instagram are completely blocked in China. Therefore, it is inevitable that Google’s Play Store is blocked as well. Most Chinese smartphones do not even come with Google services or Play Store pre-installed. It is up to the users to install Play Store on Chinese Smartphones.

Before going to China, make sure that you install the VPN app on your phone or tablet. Since Play Store does not work, you cannot download or setup it from there.

Another important thing to note is that Chinese internet censorship blocks access to the websites of the VPN apps. Since every respectable services requires users to sign up on their website, it would be impossible to do so inside China. To avoid this conundrum, sign up and set up the VPN account completely before entering China.

It is vital to follow these two simple tips. If someone enters China without installing and setting up a VPN app, they might be stuck since all related websites and Play Store will be inaccessible in China.

Here is a list of VPN apps for Android that still work in China. These can bypass the great firewall. Moreover, these services adjust to the changes pretty quickly.

Express VPN

express vpn for china android phones

The servers of Express VPN are located in 94 different countries at the moment. Moreover, users can select from a huge list of 148 cities withing these countries. The reason why anyone should use this service is because of how active this company is. We have mentioned it already how China is always making changes to block VPN services. Express VPN is usually the first to adjust to these changes.

All of these changes and robust support makes sure that it has over 90% uptime.

In order to use Express VPN for free in China, use a simple trick. Note that this only works if you are going to use it for less than a month. Just sign up for the 1 month plan on its website and then ask for refund right before the one month period is about to end. This method allows users to use Express VPN 1 month for free.

Highlight features

  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Suitable for watching Netflix in China
  • Smooth video calling
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Same account works on multiple devices

express vpn china android


nordvpn for china android phones

It is another great option for accessing sites like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Skype, Netflix etc in China. It offers some of the best download and streaming speeds despite the strong firewall. When using NordVPN inside China, make sure that you use Obfuscated servers. This option allows you to get past the China’s great firewall and internet censorship.

A pro tip: Users can opt out of the NordVPN membership after using it for one month. It offers full money-back guarantee. Anyone can use NordVPN for free in China basically.

Highlight features

  • 5,202 servers in 62 countries all around the globe
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Double VPN protection
  • Military-grade encryption
  • Use same account on 6 devices at same time
  • Onion-over VPN and Automatic Kill Switch features
  • Protection against DNS leaks
  • Supports P2P connections
  • Optimized for streaming. User services like Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu and others.
  • 24/7 customer support

nordvpn china android phones


vyprvpn for china android devices

VyprVPN is one of the few major VPN services out there, that is actively working to provide best up time in China. It offers multiple VPN protocols to maximize the security. Moreover, the company claims to use no third-party servers therefore your data is always secured by themselves.

VyprVPN offers over 700 servers in 70+ locations in 6 different continents. It ensures that you can always get the connection of your choice. The premium users can enjoy the Chameleon protocol that is one of the best protection protocols out there.

VyprVPN’s traffic encryption coupled with 256-bit unmodified protocol ensures maximum speed. Use it for streaming services like Hulu, Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video and even apps like WhatsApp, Skype and Instagram.

Highlight features

  • Over 4 Mbps connection speed
  • Dedicated apps for Android, iOS, Windows and Mac
  • More than 70 server locations
  • Encrypted traffic and Chameleon protocol
  • One of the most active VPN services to bypass China’s firewall and internet censorship
  • Unlimited downloads, bandwidth and no speed caps
  • NAT firewall for additional protection

vpn china android get

Tunnelbear VPN

tunnelbear vpn for china android phones

Tunnelbear is one of the few free VPN services that actually work and we can rely on it. It offers great protection and multiple protocols along with multiple locations. However, there is a certain data cap for free users. When using Tunnelbear VPN for free in China, it is suitable only for tasks like WhatsApp, Instagram scrolling, voice calls and stuff like that.

Another cool thing about this app is that how easy it is to use. The overall interface of this VPN service also makes it a pleasure to use. It offers AES-256 bit encryption. Users can select a server from up to 22 different countries in the world!

Highlight features

  • Free users get 500MB of data per month
  • Premium users get no download caps and unlimited bandwidth
  • 256-bit encryption to make sure no one can tap into your personal data
  • The company claims that it does not log any of users’ activities. Expect complete anonymity
  • Super fast speeds for streaming content over VPN in China
  • Available for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac and browser extensions

tunnelbear vpn china android


astrillvpn for china android phones

AstrillVPN supports over 327 servers in 65 countries. The servers are spread across the globe so that users have maximum options. Moreover, there is no cap on server switching. Keep changing servers until you find the right one for yourself.

A very cool feature in AstrillVPN is the VPN Kill Switch. What it does is that whenever the VPN disconnect randomly on your phone, tablet or PC, it also stops all internet traffic. The advantage of this is that IP Address is not leaked. Since every VPN gets disconnected now and then, and especially inside China, having Kill Switch is a must.

Highlight features

  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • 7 days free trial period
  • Optimized for streaming Netflix, Hulu, YouTube etc, fast connections and torrents
  •  VPN Kill Switch to protect you against leaking IP Address
  • Multi-hop VPN network. There are multiple servers between you and target to improve privacy
  • Multiple protocols to choose from: OpenWeb, StealthVPN, WireGuard, OpenVPN, CiscoIPSec, IKEv2, L2TP, SSTP, PPTP
  • Easily bypass internet censorship in China with multiple options available

astrillvpn china android get

Ivacy VPN

ivacy vpn for china android phones

Can’t ever miss your favorite show’s episodes? Or just cannot go a day without watching videos on YouTube or a movie on Netflix? Well, Ivacy VPN has got you covered. It specializes in streaming online media from sources like Hulu, Netflix, Prime Video, YouTube and even Torrents. Since all of these services are blocked in China, use Ivacy to watch shows and movies without interruption.

The user’s data is always kept private, thanks to 256-bit encryption. It ensures that no one can spoof your internet traffic. Another cool feature is the split tunneling. This feature allows you to to decide which apps go through VPN and which do not. It makes it easier to user native services at much faster speeds.

Highlight features

  • 24/7 customer support
  • Smart purpose selection (Customize your VPN Plan)
  • Use Ivacy VPN for free (first 30 days only)
  • Optimized for p2p traffic
  • Over 450 servers in 100+ locations
  • Login to 5 devices at same time, with same account

ivacy vpn china android get


privatevpn for china android phones

When someone goes to China, they immediately find out that popular services like Instagram, WhatsApp, Skype, Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, Google are blocked in China. Even the Play Store itself is blocked! The users of PrivateVPN get unlimited access to these services.

If someone is visiting China for a short time, then you may use PirvateVPN free. It is possible because of its 30 day money back guarantee. Use this option only if you do not want to avail its services beyond one month.

Highlight features

  • It does not log or store user’s data/activity. Expect complete privacy and protection online
  • If the VPN disconnects, your IP Address wouldn’t be leaked thanks to IPv6 leak protection
  • 2048-bit encryption for internet traffic through your device
  • Login on up to 6 devices at same time using same account
  • Unlimited bandwidth and no caps on connection speeds
  • VPN servers located in over 50 countries around the globe
  • VPN Protocols: OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP, IKEv2 And IPSec
  • P2P traffic friendly. It hides your IP effectively while using torrents
  • Kill Switch feature to prevent IP leaks in case of VPN disconnection

private vpn china android get


Due to the strict internet censorship policies in China Republic, people who come here from abroad face lot of difficulties. It has blocked nearly every popular website or service that works internationally. It includes Netflix, Hulu, WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Skype and many more. Moreover, China blocks access to the VPN websites as well.

Therefore, make sure that your VPN account is already set up, apps are installed before entering China. Moreover, use the appropriate free or premium packages based on personal needs.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that Chinese govt constantly keeps making some changes to block these VPN services. Although the ones mentioned above can cope with these changes, but it means that none of these are going to provide a 100% uptime. There are going to be disconnects now and then.

Go through the features of all apps mentioned above and select the best possible VPN for China while travelling. It all comes down to particular requirements of all individuals.

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