Unlock any Jailbroken iPhone On Any Baseband or Firmware


Learn how you can Unlock Any Jailbroken iPhone On Any Baseband or Firmware. These methods did work in the past, So you can try the following methods on old iOS devices.

When it comes to Unlock iPhone there are many methods and most of them are paid. Moreover, others are not working or you can say that they are a scam.

Recently I got a locked iPhone so I thought why not unlock it without paying. I started searching the web and I found may potential solutions. But not all of them are worth trying. However, there are two methods I would like to tell you.

Today I will tell you 2 methods that really work. They may seem easy but they are not. You need to have a grip over technical stuff, in order to proceed.


Unlock Any Jailbroken iPhone On Any Baseband or Firmware:

Unlock Any Jailbroken iPhone

Method 1: Unlock your iPhone to use it on any network:

Step1: In order to start unlocking first you need to Jailbreak your iPhone.

Step2: After the jailbreaking is done goto Cydia and install download the ultrasn0w app.

Step3: Once ultrasnow is installed now you can use any sim on your iPhone. its the simplest way to unlock the iPhone.


This is the easy method and mostly works for everyone. But after doing this my iPhone is still not showing any sign of signals. So I didn’t stop here and what I did is that I found on which network my iPhone is locked.

You can easily find it through your IMEI number. If your iPhone 4 was previously activated on other networks then you have to change the APN settings to get it connected to the new network.

Step4: Try changing the APN through Settings > General > Network > Cellular Data Network.

Step5: If you cannot change the APN through setting then you have to do is connect your device with wifi.

Step6: Now goto http://unlockit.co.nz. select your carrier from here and use custom APN option. Then select ‘Create Profile’ and hit ok. This will create your Configuration Profile that you can install to your iPhone to enable data.






Here you go no need to pay for anything you can unlock you iPhone through this method. If you face any problem with this method do tell me in comments.

How To Unlock Any Jailbroken iPhone On Any Baseband And Firmware

This method is a bit complicated so follow all the steps very carefully in order to unlock your iPhone on any Baseband and Firmware.


  • Jailbroken iPhone
  • iPhone not listed on any IMEI blacklists.
  • The latest version of iTunes

Step1: You need to Jailbreak your iPhone.

Step2: Now open up Cydia and add the official repository for the SAM package. [ The repo URL is http://repo.bingner.com ]

Step3: Now insert the sim card properly.

Step4: After adding the sim card now launch SAM interface.

Step5: After SAM has been launched now goto ‘Utilities‘ before ‘De-Activate iPhone‘. Kindly do this step proper if it is done correctly your iPhone status read as ‘Unactivated‘.

Step6: Keep SAM running and choose ‘By Country and Carrier‘ in the Method options.

Step7: Now select your carrier from the list make sure you select the right one.

Step8: Head on over to ‘More Information‘ and make a note of the IMSI that is present in the ‘SAM Details‘ section before tapping ‘Spoof Real SIM to SAM‘.

Step9: Now here is the final step connect your iPhone to iTunes to reactivate the iPhone if your ICCID matches that found on the SIM card if not then you have to start from the beginning.

Step10: If string matches then disconnect your device from pc and disable SAM. Now re-connect your device with iTunes to activate it. If you have followed and completed all the steps proper then for sure your iPhone will be unlocked.

Do Tell me in comments if you face any issue.

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