40 Top Best Kodi Add-ons : [ July 2018 ] All Working


We have provided you the best Kodi Builds and today I have collected Top Best Kodi Add-ons that are still working.

Kodi Add-ons made Kodi superior to others, there are hundreds of Kodi Add-ons for specific purposes. I have broken down this post in categories, that means you’ll get All the Best Kodi Add-on for everything. Let’s start the list.

Best Kodi Add-ons

Top Kodi Addons List:

Before making this post, my team has tested all the Add-ons. They all are working perfectly as of September. I’ll be updating this post on monthly basis. Before we move on, let me tell you the best 11 Kodi Add-ons. These all Add-ons will provide you unlimited streaming.

  • Covenant
  • Exodus
  • Salts
  • Sanctuary
  • Gurzil
  • Poseidon
  • Flixanity
  • Elysium
  • Bob Unleashed
  • Genesis Reborn
  • Deliverance
  • Rising Tides
  • Quantum

Best New Kodi Add-ons:

As we all know that Kodi has been facing a lot of lawsuits from different companies, because of that many famous developers have taken down their Add-ons. But there is no need to worry, there are many new Kodi Add-ons that you can try.

Plex Kodi Add-on:

Plex has recently announced that they have released an Add-on for Kodi, you can enjoy all the Plex features on Kodi now. Enjoy all the latest TV Shows and movies as you used to do on Plex.


When the famous Kodi Add-on Exodus was taken down there was a storm of Exodus alternate Kodi Add-ons. Gurzil is one of them and it works same as Exodus or you can say it’s a replica of Exodus.


Quantum is the new name of famous Sanctuary Kodi Add-on or you can say that Sanctuary got re-design. This Add-on has a large collection of content from different sources and add-ons. As we all know that Oblivion Add-on was a great add-on and now it’s not working anymore. If you somehow manage to install it, it won’t work. The only way to get the content from Oblivion is to install Quantum.

Genesis reborn:

Genesis was shut down by the law enforcement and after a while, the same developers have released a new Add-on named Genesis reborn. This Add-on is same like Genesis because nothing has changed in it. They have only changed the name.

Geo-Restricted Kodi Add-ons:

These type of Add-on have content from all over the world and in order to make it country specific developers have set some checks. In order to bypass such checks, you need a VPN service. You can check our post on best Kodi VPN’s.

Maverick TV:

Maverick TV is not the best but this Kodi Add-on is worth trying. It provides you World IPTV channels, live sports, movies, and documentaries, but in order to access all the content, you need a VPN.

Stream Engine:

The Stream Engine Kodi Add-on is a live streaming Kodi Add-on which allows you to watch live sports and 3 o’clock kickoffs.

Best Kodi Video Add-ons:


Specto is a clone of Exodus, this Add-on has everything like Exodus, Theme, Categories, Sections and more. But one thing Specto is good at is that it gets updated to fix broken links.


Bob is a very good Add-on to stream movies and you’ll HD Movies Stream while using Bob. Although this Add-on seems a bit confusing because the categories are named very odd. But the one thing you’ll find interesting, the New Release section provides all the new movies in high quality.


Quasar is the best torrenting addon and you’ll need a good VPN to get his all features. This Add-on is updated frequently and you’ll get a vast variety of content while browsing through Quasar.

Best TV Kodi Add-ons:


SALTS is the top competitor of Exodus, it can also do the same work that Exodus does. When you search for a movie it will go through over 50 sources to connect you to a stream. SALTS is standing 2nd on the top best Kodi Movies Add-ons, in last few months this Add-on was going through with ups and downs but now everything seems working fine.


MetalliQ is one of the best Kodi movie Add-ons. This Add-on has a huge library of latest, popular, classical, most watched and best of the time movies.


Bob is a very good Add-on to stream movies and you’ll HD Movies Stream while using Bob. Although this Add-on seems a bit confusing because the categories are named very odd. But the one thing you’ll find interesting, the New Release section provides all the new movies in high quality.

Best Kodi Movies Add-ons:


When it comes to movies Add-ons Exodus is the best in business, it has a vast variety of movies with the different section. You can also find movies in Exodus using the search option.

cCloud TV:

cCloud TV provides you hundreds of TV channels live from US and UK, also you can watch some international channels.


Covenant is best Exodus Replacement you can found on the web. As we know that TVAddons team is facing legal issues so that’s why they are working hard to survive. In the meantime, you can enjoy Covenant Kodi Add-on Repo.


This Add-on is very good if you want to watch old and new movies. You can say that it’s in the list of Exodus Alternates, but this Add-on didn’t get any popularity. Still worth trying.

Best Kodi Add-ons for Live TV:


Goodfellas is said to be the top best Kodi Add-on for watch live streams, it has a larger variety of live streams. You can watch a large number of streams for all of the popular channels.

BBC iPlayer:

BBC iPlayer lets you watch BBC’s live TV streaming content as well as their on-demand content. You can easily navigate through its menu and find the right content for you.

Castaway Kodi Add-on:

If you are looking for a Kodi Add-on which is specifically created for Live Sports then my friends you must try Castaway Kodi Add-on.

Best Kodi Add-ons for Live Sports:


If you are a user of Kodi and looking for an add-on which provides you the online sports streaming then my suggestion is that you must install Kodi SportsDevil Repo.

UK Turk Playlists:

UK Turk Playlists Add-on is the best Kodi Add-on you can get. UK Turk is one of the oldest Kodi Add-ons and also most popular, the main reason behind this Add-on success is that it has a large variety of movies from the 50s to 2017, you can watch HD and 3D Movies, New Movies, Live TV, Sports, TV Shows, Cartoons, Documentaries, Radio, Concerts, Fitness, Foodporn, Turkish Movies and Turkish TV Shows.

Best Kodi Add-ons for FireTVStick:


Poseidon is said to be the best Kodi Add-on for movies and TV shows, also it can be installed on FireTVStick. We have tried this Add-on on FireStick and it worked perfectly. The interface of Poseidon is same as Exodus and Covenant.

HEVC Video Club:

HEVC Video Club is a great Add-on for movies and TV shows and it’s been around here very long. If you want a movie Add-on for Fire TV Stick then you must install HEVC Video Club.

Best Kodi Add-ons for PPV:

The way to watch TV Shows and Sports online is PPV ( Pap Per View ) and Kodi has that kind of Add-ons which let you watch events on PPV.

Planet MMA:

Planet MMA which was previously known as UFC Finest give you the option to watch pay-per-view fights, highlights, old matches, player face-off and so much more.


VidTime is new in the race of best Kodi Add-ons to watch PPV events. This Add-on provides you the exclusive coverage of NHL hockey, MLB basketball and UFC events to viewers.

That’s all folks for right now. I’ll be updating this post on monthly basis and provide you the best Kodi Add-ons.