Top 3 PDF Readers For Android.

When it comes to choosing an app according to some specific Category, users always wants to use the Application who is Top on the list. They always search for the best applications and then try it on their device. In case of PDF readers, the person will first search for best PDF reader from the List available, but as all glitters is not Gold, you first look for the one that is best for you, not the one everyone calls best. Today we will give you a little bit about the Top 3 PDF Readers for Android, choose and Download the one according to your own need.


Adobe PDF Reader.

If you want to read PDF Documents on a large screen, Adobe PDF Reader is the best application available. On the Launch,it will automatically scans the PDF and install them on your device. It also supports the folder search too, so you can open a PDF from a Location. It will run all type of PDF, Password protected or Digitally Verified files.

It even supports zoom, And especially, if you want to take notes and save them in PDF format, this application can help you in that. You can even share your PDF file, through Sharing apps installed on Device.



BeamReader PDF Viewer.

If you want to read PDF files on your device, but continuously want to Zoom in and out, you should try BeamReader PDF Viewer. Usually when you zoom in and out a lot, a normal application closes forcefully, but this app is specifically made for such thing. This is best for all those Who wants to Read novels and Books on their device.

Another Feature of this app is Wrap Text, where it removes all the pictures and left only the text. Only text put less load on the app and it works faster than usual.



 PDF Reader from Ivan Ivanenko.

If you are a Heavy Reader and your eyes, like your device battery, are the main concern then the PDF Reader from Ivan Ivanenko will prove promising. This PDF Reader supports Night Mode, which inverts the colors of Device. So if your PDF is White white With Black Base, it will turn to White base with Black Color. You can activate this feature at Night to reduce the Battery drain and Stress on your Eyes.


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